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Iran group tours are held every 1st and 15th of each month.

Iran Tour Packages
“The Best of Iran” Tour offers the best of Iran’s tourism. This is a 9-day tour to 5 historical cities of Iran including Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz along with a road trip.
9 Days
This is a 10-day journey to anyone who is looking for new destinations in Iran. It is an adventure travel in the deserts and mountains of Iran.
10 Days
Iran desert tour takes you to visit Iran’s deserts and desert cities such as Mesr dessert, Bafgh, Nain, Kashan and Matin Abad Desert Camp.
9 Days
Budget Tour
This tour includes visiting rural homes, Zoroastrian resorts, and many important highlights of traveling to Iran such as Persepolis
Budget Tour
9 Days
Have a special trip to visit Iran's ancient sites in 13 days such as: Persepolis, Pasargadae, Naqsh-e Rustam, Bisotun, Susa, Sialk hills, Chogha Zanbil, Tower of Silence and old houses of Iran.
13 Days
This is the happiest time to travel to Iran! Have an exciting 7-day trip to Iran during the Persian New Year along with the Iranian people. Witness the beautiful rituals of Nowruz in early spring.
New Year Tour
7 Days
Tehran Art Galleries & Museums Tour in 7 Days. If you visit the galleries professionally you should travel to Tehran. You can visit the art galleries of Tehran, its majestic museums and also the city in this tour. Giv Travel recommends you to travel during fall and winter.
Museum Tour
7 Days
4 qeshm
How about a short trip to Iran without a visa? Meet the warm and mysterious islands of southern Iran, taste the local food and visit the colorful Hormuz Island and the beautiful mountains and valleys of Qeshm Island.
4 Days
Let’s go skiing in Dizin ski resort for 6 days! With a high number of sunny days during a year, Dizin ski resort is one of the best places to ski. In addition, you can visit Tehran.
6 Days
Have an 11 day travel to the heart of the Iran’s nature. Visit Iran’s nomads, experience living in their tent and taste the local food. Also visit the famous attractions of Iran.
11 Days
- If you are interested in visiting the Islamic monuments, Iran is one of the best countries to achieve your dream. In this tour we visit Iranian mosques such as Nasir-ol Molk and Sheikh Lotfollah. We also visit historic bridges of Isfahan and tombs of Shiraz poets.
Iranian Musque
7 Days
8 qeshm
Experience an ECO tour to see the beautiful islands of Iran. You can visit dolphins in Hengam Island and have an excursion in Kish Coral Island, colorful Hormuz Island and Harra forests in Qeshm Island. You can also visit Shiraz in this tour.
8 Days
Iran’s short tour is one of the best options is to travel to Iran. Iran’s four historic cities are included in this cultural tour. Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Persepolis and old houses of Kashan are looking forward to meeting you.
Short Tour
5 Days
If you are looking for the best eco tour of Iran, this one is for you. For 17 days, travel to the best places of Iran’s nature. Visit three ancient villages including Kandovan, Abyaneh and Masuleh. Also, this tour offers you to visit Iran's deserts, forests and islands.
17 Days
Have a four day visa-free travel to Iran. Swim and dive in Kish Coral Island.
4 Days

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we love IranWe love Iran This is what those who have at least once visited Iran, would say. Iran has always been full of wonders for tourists, just like enigmatic stories of 1001 Nights. You are interested in visiting an ancient country? Then we suggest Iran. You are looking for a safe journey to the Middle East? We recommend Iran Tours to you. Iran Tours are affordable and have the advantage of being historical compared to modern tourist destinations in the world. In addition, Iran is indeed a beautiful country and a vast destination. In your journey to Iran, you will have a lot of choices in order to experience a wonderful trip. Besides, lovely people of Iran would be your nice and incredible hosts.

GivTravel is all at your service for you to have an extraordinary trip to Iran. We will be by your side during your travel to Iran: Obtaining a visa to Iran within the shortest time, booking hotels with unbeatable low prices, along with operating tours in Iran.You just have to decide to visit Iran. The rest is up to us! GivTravel gives you the best, because: "We love Iran".

Iran tailor-made tour


It is highly recommended to ask us for a tailor-made package because it gives you a chance to have a memorable trip which suits your interests and your budget.

If you think It is time to make a calming and funny travel for yourself, you can contact us to provide you with a tailor-made tour. You can tell us what you would like to do, and where you would like to visit during your trip to Iran, then we will arrange an itinerary according to your interest and quote it.

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Iran Travel Blog

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Top Cities you must visit in Iran

Persepolis - Vakil complex - Nasir ol Molk Mosque - Hafez Tomb - Sadi Tomb - Shah Cheragh
Tabiat bridge - Niavaran palace - Sadabad palace - Golestan palace - National Jewelry Museum
Tabatabaian house - Broojerdian house - Fin garden - Tepe Sialk
Naqsh-e-Jahan square - Khaju bridge - Seosepol bridge - Jame Mosgue - aliqapu palace
Amir Chakhmaq mosque - Tower of Silence - Zoroastrian fire - Dolat Abad garden

Iran Hotels Reservation

GivTravel provides you with the reservation of the best hotels in Iran with the lowest price rates. Booking hotels in high seasons is our operators' expertise. The prices we offer are 5% less than the actual hotel prices. Furthermore, we have made it possible to make a comparison between hotels in Iran.

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