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Iran, a vast country in the heart of the Middle East with a rich culture, is circa 7000 years old. For those interested in traveling to Iran, it is influential to know that Iranians have played prominent roles in forming different civilizations. Traces of this idea is found in cities of Iran and their monuments; For example in Tehran which has been one of the first bases of modern thinking in the Middle East in spite of not being very old; In Shiraz, dating back to 6500 years ago, that was the home of the first empire of the time about 2500 years ago; and in Isfahan where according to European tourists has been a glorious city since 400 years ago. Moreover, while you are in Yazd, remember how Iranians have been able to establish a brilliant civilization in the middle of desert 6000 years ago through building underground canals and perfect water management. Iran's attractions are full of beauty and make visitors appreciate them. Here we have prepared some information on tours and cities with the highest number of tourists.


The yardangs in Shahdad Desert are among the tourist attractions in Iran. These mysterious, tall mountains are located in the middle of the desert, approximately 100 km away from the city of Kerman. The Lut Desert is one of the two major deserts in Iran, and it is located in the eastern part of the country, covering more than 10% of the country’s entire area. The Shahdad Desert is located at the heart of the Lut Desert, and it has been a natural tourist attraction for a long time...

Shahdad Desert

Qeshm Island; Geo Tourism

Such a wonderful nature Qeshm Island has. The reason why Qeshm is one of the most beautiful islands in Iran is it's width of 225000 km as well as the nature. Qeshm is the biggest island in Iran. It is located on one of the warmest part of earth. Warmth climate makes this island a good destination in fall and winter....


A beautiful city ; Isfahan

Isfahan is the 3rd largest city in Iran. This beautiful city is located on the outskirts of Central desert. Having bazaars, mosques, and old palaces, Isfahan is a manifestation of honor for Iranians.
Safavids were those who could put an end to Mongolian’s 300-year-old domination in Iran. However the rebirth of Iran and its culture occurred during the reign of Great Shah Abbas, the 5th king of Safavid dynasty when Isfahan was chosen as the capital of Iran in 1598.........


A trip to old village; Abyaneh

You can travel to Abyane in any season. I really suggest you visit Abyane at least 1 day, if you have planned to travel to Iran. When you are in Abyane you feel as if you are living in past with ancients. That's why all tourists really enjoy being in Abyane. Walking through Abyane's avenues is walking through history.
Driving to Natanz from Kashan, after a short distance and passing some villages, there is a beautiful village........

Abyaneh Village

Yazd,The golden desert

Yazd is one of the world’s oldest adobe cities. Located at the end of Central Iranian Plateau, Yazd shines brilliantly in desert. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Yazd, the city of badgirs (wind catchers). Amir Chakhmaq mosque, Zeinoddin Caravanserai, the huge wooden palm (nakhl), Zarch Qanat, and many other things have made Yazd a distinctive city compared to other cities in Iran. Hardworking people of desert have built this city in the course of history.........


Adventure Trip to Hormuz Island

Hormoz Island is an exciting destination for adventure in Iran. If you are interested in ecotourism, Hormoz is your choice. Both Hormoz and Qeshm islands are located near Bandar-Abbas port. In Hormoz, the first thing that catches your eyes is the ruins of an ancient castle called "Portuguese Castle" which was made of the island's red soil. An old cistern lies within the ruins of the castle. However, Hormoz is not famous for having this castle. Hormoz Island is one of the most colorful islands around the world....


Great city; Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran and one of the largest cities in the Middle East, is located on the feet of Damavand Mountain. At first, glance what is appealing about this metropolitan city is its crowdedness and population congestion which is more than 8 million. Tehran has been Iran’s political and economic center for over 2 centuries. It used to be a large untouched village with moderate climate and gardens all over until 1796 when it was chosen as the capital by the founder of Qajar dynasty. Qajars started constructing Tehran and little by little Tehran wan famed as the great capital of Iran. A wave of immigration to the capital city began by cities grow larger and larger.......


Travel to Kish, a Sky-blue Coral Island

The lovely Kish Island is one of the best tourism spots. Each year, the island welcomes millions of tourists from inside the country and overseas and attracts a great number of people with its charming natural beauties.
The island is located in a hot and arid region with a long and hot summer and a moderate winter. Therefore, the best time to travel to the island is from November through April ....

Kish Island

Kashan ;The Ancient City

Kashan is a desert town located in the center of Iran. This city is an attraction for many tourists who travel to Iran. Although this city is not among great cities of Iran, It has been recognized as the fifth city of Iran toward which tourists have great attraction. You can call this city as the city of "Iranian houses". They are very ten hundred years old and are located in juxtaposition of modern type of accommodation. These houses are comprised of Broojerdian house, Tabatabaian house, Amerian house, the house of Ehsan, and so many others. Kashan has shown resistance against destructive hurricanes during history. Even its alleys are kept safe against such tempests. The existence of more than 50 ancient houses beside mosques, bazars, and caravansaries has granted a unique beauty to this desert city.....


The lovely city ; Shiraz

Shiraz is the 5th largest city in Iran. Shiraz has always been admired by orientalists. It’s the city of various spectacular gardens, temperate climate, poesy, multicolored flowers, and also representative and reviver of Persian culture.
Its ancient name, Shirazi Ish, being carved on a clay tablet found in Persepolis, shows its long history dating back to more than 500 B.C. Some have estimated this city’s history to 4000 years. The feet of Zagros mountain range nourished a civilization that made the first empire in history. Persians came from this region and expanded their glorious government to China from East and to ancient Greece from West.....


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