A trip to old village; Abyaneh

You can travel to Abyane in any season. I really suggest you visit Abyane at least 1 day, if you have planned to travel to Iran. When you are in Abyane you feel as if you are living in past with ancients. That's why all tourists really enjoy being in Abyane. Walking through Abyane's avenues is walking through history.

Women Dresses in Abyaneh

Women Dresses in Abyaneh

Driving to Natanz from Kashan, after a short distance and passing some villages, there is a beautiful village waiting to say welcome to you. This village is located on the downhill of Karkas mountain. What that distinguishes this village different from the sorts is its eye-catching color. The reason for this color is that all buildings and houses have been built with reddish pink fictile. Another reason for tourists to like this Abyane is the way local wear. Women wear floral colorful scarves and skirts with flounces and men wear loos black pants. But remember to have a permission from women when you want to take them a picture. The respond is mostly yes. 

Interesting places to visit in Abyane

Old houses, Harpak fire temple, old mosque of Abyane and Barzale mosque. The Old Castle of Mehr and Paal Castle are two great sites you can enjoy. 
In Anthropology Museum of Abyane, you can see traditional clothes and objects of ancients. Local people have built this museum and all subjects shown in the museum have been donated by them, too. 
You can also taste traditional food and get some handicrafts as souvenir in stores in Abyane. 

Accommodation in Abyane

There are 2 traditional restaurants named Abyane and Viona. You can eat your meals there. Traditional Harpark accommodation is available and some suites that are rented by locals.



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