Adventure Trip to Hormuz Island

Hormoz Island is an exciting destination for adventure in Iran. If you are interested in ecotourism, Hormoz is your choice. Both Hormoz and Qeshm islands are located near Bandar-Abbas port. In Hormoz, the first thing that catches your eyes is the ruins of an ancient castle called "Portuguese Castle" which was made of the island's red soil. An old cistern lies within the ruins of the castle. However, Hormoz is not famous for having this castle. Hormoz Island is one of the most colorful islands around the world. The color of soil in this mysterious island varies from place to place and shines under the warm sun rays of Persian Gulf. In Hormoz, you can see crimson mountains alongside salty mountains and golden watercourses that end to the sea.


Snowy mountain, Hormoz

Hormoz Island facilities

Tourism facilities in Hormoz Island are not available as much as they are in Qeshm Island. However, this fact helps the island to stay almost intact. In addition to newly constructed restaurants, you can be a guest at locals' houses and experience most of Iran's south dishes in a traditional way. Also, there are a lot of suites available for rent by locals. Moreover, transportation is done by taxis, motorbikes, and trikes which creates a friendly environment in this colorful island. And if you get lucky, you can see gazelles grazing near roads.

Women's clothes of south of Iran

One of main attractions of Hormoz Island is the way the local women are dressed. These clothes that are known as "Bandari Clothes" consist of slim-fit pants embroidered with gold threads and a chador full of floral patterns. In fact, their clothes are just like their nature; colorful and enticing! You can also see women working alongside men in the whole island.

Attractions of Hormuz Island:

  • Rainbow Valley
  • Portuguese Castle
  • Salt cave
  • Deer's Moor
  • Turtle beach ( In the March can see turtles laying eggs )
  • Snowy mountain!
  • Valley of the Statues
  • Red Beach
Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island, Deer's Moor
Hormuz Island, Women's clothes
Hormuz Island Beach

Adventure tours in Hormuz Island:

Hormoz Island is known for its colorful soil and eye-catching sceneries and is one of the best eco-attractions in Iran. For visiting this Island you can use Hormuz Island tour for 4 Day or 8 Day.

4 qeshm
How about a short trip to Iran without a visa? Meet the warm and mysterious islands of southern Iran, taste the local food and visit the colorful Hormuz Island and the beautiful mountains and valleys of Qeshm Island.
4 Days
8 qeshm
Experience an ECO tour to see the beautiful islands of Iran. You can visit dolphins in Hengam Island and have an excursion in Kish Coral Island, colorful Hormuz Island and Harra forests in Qeshm Island. You can also visit Shiraz in this tour.
8 Days
Qeshm Free Zone has four beautiful and colorful islands: Qeshm Island, Hormuz Island, Hengam Island, and Lark Island
Custom Tour

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