A beautiful city ; Isfahan

Isfahan is the 3rd largest city in Iran. This beautiful city is located on the outskirts of Central desert. Having bazaars, mosques, and old palaces, Isfahan is a manifestation of honor for Iranians.
Safavids were those who could put an end to Mongolian’s 300-year-old domination in Iran. However the rebirth of Iran and its culture occurred during the reign of Great Shah Abbas, the 5th king of Safavid dynasty when Isfahan was chosen as the capital of Iran in 1598. Isfahan which is located in the heart of Iran could unite all the Iranian tribes again. Iranian nationalism reappeared in Isfahan after long time and Iran became a pioneer in creating art, ideology, and architecture in the region.

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Chehel Sotun Palace

Ottoman Empire was Iran’s rival in this battle. So Shah Abbas Safavid started constructing old Isfahan with social security and the power of centralized state to rebuke Iran’s greatness to its neighbor which was in highest political and cultural power. Shah Abbas was successful and Isfahan was his tool.
The best instances of post-Islam architecture are found in Naqsh-e-Jahan square which is one of the biggest squares in the world. In Shah Mosque, Lotf Allah Mosque, Chahar Bagh Avenue, Chehel Sotoun Pavilion, lots of caravanserais (roadside inns), ab anbars (traditional cisterns), and bridges like Siosepol and Khaju on the Zayandeh rud river you can find this glory. Good times had arrived for Isfahan and it was the greatest city in the east at that time and this led to this Persian proverb ‘Isfahan nesfe jahan’ which means Isfahan is half of the world.
Isfahan has a dry climate due to its vicinity to Central desert. It has cold winters and hot summers but springs and falls are pleasing. Gardens and numerous historical sites in Isfahan are great places for excursion in Iran. Also Isfahan is the center of top handicrafts in Iran. Persian manufacturers still around Naqsh-e-Jahan square are producing handicrafts like Khatam (Persian marquetry), wood carving, Qalamzani (metalwork), and Meenakari which attract every passerby’s attention.
In addition, Isfahan music school should be mentioned besides other Isfahan’s credits. The base of present Iranian music has derived from the music during Safavid dynasty in Isfahan. And later has formed Tehran school. Iranian music was purified at courts of Safavid kings. Isfahan is the city of music. Based on an old tradition in Isfahan, at night people gather under Khaju or Siosepol Bridge and sing under the arches due to the good reflection of sound. Isfahan music school has raised great masters in Persian classical music like Taj e Isfahani and Hasan Kasai.
Isfahan is still a preeminent city and is like no other city in Iran in glory and greatness. And finally you who are traveling to Isfahan should know that people in Isfahan are famous for efficiency and intelligence, and indeed a city like Isfahan must have such people.



Sio-Se-Pol Bridge
Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
Abyaneh _ Hey Sun :)
Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque
Mesr desert
Ali Qapu Palace
naqsh-e Jajan
Qeitariyeh Bazaar
naqsh-e Jajan
Lotfollah Mosque
Qeytariyeh Bazaar
Lotfollah mosque


A Classical Song About Isfahan by Taj -e Isfahani

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