Kashan ;The Ancient City

Kashan is a desert town located in the center of Iran. This city is an attraction for many tourists who travel to Iran. Although this city is not among great cities of Iran, It has been recognized as the fifth city of Iran toward which tourists have great attraction. You can call this city as the city of "Iranian houses". They are very ten hundred years old and are located in juxtaposition of modern type of accommodation. These houses are comprised of Broojerdian house, Tabatabaian house, Amerian house, the house of Ehsan, and so many others. Kashan has shown resistance against destructive hurricanes during history. Even its alleys are kept safe against such tempests. The existence of more than 50 ancient houses beside mosques, bazars, and caravansaries has granted a unique beauty to this desert city.


Amin-o Dowleh Arcade

These days, there are more than 500 ancient houses in Kashan, which are of high architectural and historical importance. Among such a number, more than 50 houses are repaired for travellers visit. You can search Iranian morale in these constructions. People in dry and semidry cities of Iran used to embellish their houses as small heavens. Iranian houses are in the same pool with Iranian nature and Iranian culture. The interiors and vestibules besides male and female Kobes in Iranian houses signify people in search of a warm and kind atmosphere for their families.in such houses, Yards, gardens and pools are all designed for entertaining uses. This characteristic is seen in every Iranian House. Iranian People were In search of enjoyment and for that they have made their houses like gardens. Through green yards the vast sky had a direct contact with Iranian Houses. In order to stand against the warmth of desert Iranian people had made louvers in their houses. Louvers are among the most outstandingcharacteristics of Iranian desert house architecture. However this method was not the only method in resistance of desert warmth. They used to build their houses deep in ground with almost always basements beneath them. This way of construction can decrease the temperature about 20 degrees; therefore, houses in such a desert city became the coldest places. It is not beating around the bush if we say Iranian desert houses were highly developed because of their house construction.
Meanwhile, the knowledge of living in desert cities, maintaining water sources, and building cities has a history as old as Persian history. Silk Hills close to Kashan Fin 7000 years old and is considered among the first type of human being accommodation. Kashan Ziggurat after Jiroft Ziggurat in east of Iran is considered as the first type of praying sites in mankind civilization. These holly places are known as the beginning of mankind civilization. A kind of civilization which was yielded after human being emerged from caves and mountains and their settled in lands. Spring streams which are nowadays seen in Kashan's Fin gardens, have been mankind water supplement since 7000 years ago. Kashan can be a useful subject for those who want to study Iranian culture and history. Studying this city will help you enjoy travelling to desert areas in Iran.

Fin Garden
Tabatabaian house
Borujerdian House
Kashan Bazzar
Agha Bozorg Mosque


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