Travel to Kish, a Sky-blue Coral Island

The lovely Kish Island is one of the best tourism spots. Each year, the island welcomes millions of tourists from inside the country and overseas and attracts a great number of people with its charming natural beauties.
The island is located in a hot and arid region with a long and hot summer and a moderate winter. Therefore, the best time to travel to the island is from November (Aban) through April (Farvardin).


Kish Islad Beach

How to Travel to Kish

One can travel to the island through a flight from Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Mashhad etc. Upon arrival at the Kish International Airport, tourists may reach city centers and resort hotels by taxi or by using transportation services of hotels. Other means of traveling to Kish include sea trip by vessels from Bandar Lengeh and Bandar Charak in Hormozgan province. There is another possibility to travel to Kish port through Aftab port near Gerzeh village in an 18-km2 sea trip.

The Plant Coverage of Kish

The plant coverage and green perspective of Kish Island attract any spectator. Kish is located in the tropical region in southern Iran. The trees of this region include native and non-native trees. Native trees include Mesquite, Palm, Konar, and Tamarisk. The most famous native tree of the island is the magnificent sacred fig tree. Non-native trees include ornamental palm, Myrtus, banana, and lemon.
Compared to other coasts of the world with their grey sands, Kish Island is covered with light coral sands to make a silver coastal area. The sea near this beautiful coast is full of ornamental and eye-catching fish species.

Recreation in Kish

The 3-star to 5-star hotels and accommodation centers of the island fit to the tastes of various tourists. Dolphins Park or Dolphinarium is one of the most beautiful recreational complexes in the Middle East which measures over 100 acres and attracts many tourists to watch dolphins’ moves. There is a sea recreational club in this island which provides a variety of services such as diving, shuttle, water skiing and so on. There is also a bicycle riding track in the longest bicycling route around the island, and a Birds’ Garden. Another tourist attraction unique to the island is Olympic sport complex with several tennis and squash courts, and separate swimming pools for men and women. Multipurpose gymnastic clubs and horse riding place are other recreations of the complex.






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