Qeshm Island; Geo Tourism

Such a wonderful nature Qeshm Island has. The reason why Qeshm is one of the most beautiful islands in Iran is it's width of 225000 km as well as the nature. Qeshm is the biggest island in Iran. It is located on one of the warmest part of earth. Warmth climate makes this island a good destination in fall and winter.

Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island

In order to travel to Qeshm you can get on a fast boat in Bandar Abbas. After half an hour you reach Qeshm. Another way is to catch a flight from Dubai with no need to get visa. Kish and Qeshm are two islands that you can travel to without Iranian visa. Of course getting Visa helps you visit other beauties of Iran. 
In 2006 Qeshm could join to International Geo Tourism. It is located at the middle of Europe and Asia. That is why this Island is strategically important. More than 200 KM of this island is covered by sea forest. Qeshm has been being the center of pearling for many years. This eco-tourism is attractive not only for Iranians but also foreigners. 

Valley of stars

Locals believe that a star has fallen down to this valley and has made some crash on the stones so that the shape of the star is seen. To see this valley you should get a ticket. 

Chahkooh Neck 

You can see like this site in the US and China, too. This is caused by soil drifting. There is a 70KM-route from Qeshm to Chahkooh. 

Portuguese Castle

Qeshm like many other places in Iran has a castle from Portugal. They rule over Persian Gulf for 110 years. This castle was liberated by Shah Abbas. 

Khorbas Cave

Khorbas is one of the oldest caves in Iran. This cave as well as the village near it, named Khorbas too, dates back more than 7000 BC. There are some signs that prove people there used to pray Mitra, the Persian goddess.

Laaft Wells

These wells use to water all city and people. They used to contain fresh water. These wells have a history of 2500 years. People believed that trees watch water. They looked at it as a holy thing. That's why the tie some colorful string of cloth around trees. 2 Km further, there is a neck called Ali Mohammad or Abnama nack that you shouldn't miss. 

Naz Islands

22 KM farther from Qeshm you can see some places that look like islands. Actually they are not islands, they are land. Because of tide the just appear and disappear. They are wide enough to hold many locals on their vacations.

Other attractions of Qeshm

Due to the extent of Qeshm Islands, numerous historical graveyards of Qeshm can be mentioned. Moreover, the big Harra forest and historical Goran dam can attract any viewer. You can also visit a deserted place like Kaseh Salkh where no plant or animal can be found. This place is absolutely silent. Besides, you can pack your backpack and go to Qeshm roof and see the highest points of this city.

Qeshm environment 

Coral islands and Harra forests have resulted in a biological diversity in Qeshm. Qeshm is one of the largest places in Iran where you can find biological diversity among birds. More than 170 types of birds live freely in this island including herons, different kinds of sea bird and tree birds such as nightingale, canary and dark falcon. You can also see dolphins in the water in Qeshm. It is one of the main centers where three species of sea turtles lay eggs. Every year at the end of the winter and early days of the spring, sea turtles come to Sheebderaz beach. The native inhabitants of Qeshm watch this beautiful moment and do not hurt the turtles. If you like to see reproduction of the sea turtles in Sheebderaz beach you can use Qeshm Island tours in March. Giv Travel Tour takes you to visit Qeshm turtles.

Watching Baby Turtles Being Born in Qeshm Island

Zār ceremony

Finally, we should talk about the strange Zār ceremony. It is one of the customs of the people in Qeshm Island. According to this custom, they try to exorcise demon winds known as genie winds from the possessed individuals which have caused them illness. This is done through playing music and saying prayers so that the possessed person can regain his/her health. This custom has been inherited from the inhabitants of Persian Gulf who were originally from Africa. Today, it is still popular among some of the indigenous people of Qeshm. You should bear in mind that if you want to witness this ceremony you must be trusted by the natives. They do not let everybody watch it. All these customs have made Qeshm Island a fascinating mysterious place with great ethnic diversity.

" A Folk rock track by Pouya Mahmoodi About ZAR"


Sheebderaz beach in Qeshm and the Turtles
Chahkooh Neck
Khorbas Cave - Qeshm Island
Qeshm Island
Valley of stars- Qeshm


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How about a short trip to Iran without a visa? Meet the warm and mysterious islands of southern Iran, taste the local food and visit the colorful Hormuz Island and the beautiful mountains and valleys of Qeshm Island.
4 Days
8 qeshm
Experience an ECO tour to see the beautiful islands of Iran. You can visit dolphins in Hengam Island and have an excursion in Kish Coral Island, colorful Hormuz Island and Harra forests in Qeshm Island. You can also visit Shiraz in this tour.
8 Days
Qeshm Free Zone has four beautiful and colorful islands: Qeshm Island, Hormuz Island, Hengam Island, and Lark Island
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