The yardangs in Shahdad Desert are among the tourist attractions in Iran. These mysterious, tall mountains are located in the middle of the desert, approximately 100 km away from the city of Kerman. The Lut Desert is one of the two major deserts in Iran, and it is located in the eastern part of the country, covering more than 10% of the country’s entire area. The Shahdad Desert is located at the heart of the Lut Desert, and it has been a natural tourist attraction for a long time, becoming a location for desert camping and desert adventures away from the bustling of the cities. The special geographical characteristics of this place are also highly important. The Shahdad Desert and Gandom Beryan have been chosen as the hottest place on the Earth several times. The temperature is so high that no bacteria can proliferate and remaining carcasses of animals can never be decomposed.

Shahdad Desert Tour

Shahdad Kalouts

However, despite this rough and dry weather, the Shahdad Desert can be regarded as a tourist attraction thanks to its elegant yardangs. The Kalouts in Shahdad, which are like columns reaching towards the sky from the desert, are among the most beautiful Kalouts all over the world. Moreover, the starry night sky of the desert makes Shahdad a suitable place for stargazing at night. A large number of ecotourism accommodations, with adobe structures and reasonable facilities, are available in old caravanserais the Lut Desert so that the visitors can simultaneously enjoy a desert adventure, the local traditional cuisine, and a stay in the traditional desert houses. Moreover, professional camping facilities are also available for those who want to spend a few days at the heart of the desert.

The Shahdad Desert is, at the same time, an ancient cradle of Iranian civilization, which has been forgotten by the passage of time. It hosts a civilization dating back to 6000 years ago which was unearthed recently by the discovery of the ancient city of Shahdad buried under the sands. The oldest flag in the world, a bronze flag known as the Shahdad Banner, was discovered in this city.

To visit the Shahdad Desert and its soaring yardangs, you just need to get in touch with us, so that we can arrange your travel to Iran and include your visit to the Shahdad in it. After paying a visit to the old and major city of Kerman, you had better spend a day in the Shahdad Desert.


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