The lovely city ; Shiraz

Shiraz is the 5th largest city in Iran. Shiraz has always been admired by orientalists. It’s the city of various spectacular gardens, temperate climate, poesy, multicolored flowers, and also representative and reviver of Persian culture.
Its ancient name, Shirazi Ish, being carved on a clay tablet found in Persepolis, shows its long history dating back to more than 500 B.C. Some have estimated this city’s history to 4000 years. The feet of Zagros mountain range nourished a civilization that made the first empire in history. Persians came from this region and expanded their glorious government to China from East and to ancient Greece from West.

Shiraz tour

Vakil Bazaar

However Shiraz flourished some decades after Islam and gradually became the biggest cultural and economic center in the South of country and even was the capital city during Karim Khan Zand kingdom in the middle of 17th century.
In the North of Shiraz, there stand the ruins of Persian civilization from ancient times in Persepolis, Naghsh-e-Rostam, and Pasargad. Incomparable examples of Iranian art, civilization, and architecture in Persepolis remind us of Iran’s glorious history. In addition, Zandieh building complex and gardens in the downtown freshen up the city and make it distinctive from other cities in Iran.
Shiraz is the resting place of two of the world’s great poets. Saadi a tourist interested in people and their stories was an expert in delicate poetry and Hafez a lover who criticized his society in his love poems. Saadi and Hafez lived respectively in the 12th and 13th centuries in Shiraz and have brightened up Persian literature and culture in a way that without them there wouldn’t have been the present poetry and literature. Their graveyards are gardens that attract all lovers from all over the world to Shiraz.
Shiraz has a moderate climate. It is magnificent in spring and fall. All the fields turn into gardens. The corn poppies bloom and make the fields all red. The fragrance of sour orange blossom is perceived in every corner because there is an abundance of citrus trees in Shiraz. The tall and old cypress trees which are known as Sarv-e-Naz (Mediterranean cypress) along with high palm trees dance gently with the spring breeze in gardens. Furthermore, in fall pavements wet from rain are covered with piles of orange and yellow leaves and in the streets the beautiful and sweet-smelling narcissus flowers wink at passersby.
Finally, you, travelers to Shiraz, should be informed of a point about the morale of people in Shiraz. They are famous for their hospitality and living in pleasure and this is not surprising because of the place they are living in.



Naqsh-e Rostam
Tomb of Saadi
Shiraz in Spring :)
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Nasirolmolk Mosque
Nasirolmolk Mosque
Atiq Mosque
Atiq Mosque
Atiq Mosque
Drak Mountain
Drak Mountain
Karim Khan Castle
Tomb of Hafez
Vakil Bath
Vakil Mosque
Vakil Bazaar


A pop song based on Shirazi folk music

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