The Great city; Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran and one of the largest cities in the Middle East, is located on the feet of Damavand Mountain. At first, glance what is appealing about this metropolitan city is its crowdedness and population congestion which is more than 8 million. Tehran has been Iran’s political and economic center for over 2 centuries. It used to be a large untouched village with moderate climate and gardens all over until 1796 when it was chosen as the capital by the founder of Qajar dynasty. Qajars started constructing Tehran and little by little Tehran wan famed as the great capital of Iran. A wave of immigration to the capital city began by city’s growing larger and larger during Pahlavi dynasty. Tehran is still the 1st source city for immigration in Iran. In spite of having a good subway system and lots of highways, traffic jam is one of the main problems in this metropolitan city. To get away from the hustle and bustle of Tehran, people resort to Damavand Mountain. Damavand is the highest mountain in Iran on which Tehran is constructed.

Tehran Tours

Milad Tower

There are several palaces in Tehran such as Tabiat Bridge, Niavaran palace, Sadabad palace, Saheb-qaranieh palace, and Shams-ol Emare palace that were built during Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties and some museums like Contemporary Arts Museum, Human Studies Museum, National Museum of Iran, and Natural Monuments and Wildlife Museum. Contemporary Arts Museum has the greatest collection of western art in the Middle East and even in Asia. Also, National Jewelry Museum includes some of the rarest collections in the world.
Nowadays the government is trying to hinder the immigration wave to Tehran but seemingly they have not succeeded since Tehran has retained its beauty for every viewer with any taste.



Tehran’s Top History Museums You Should Visit

Tehran The capital of Iran that is much like all the capitals of the world and is not a very old city in Iran but is full of museums to help you better understand the Iranian culture. National history is the identity of each country.
Please join Givtravel to show you must-visit museums in Tehran.


Vasarely in Niavaran Palace
A peace of paradise _ Reza Abbasi Museum
Tabiat Bridge
Azadi Square
Dizin SKi Resort
National Jewelry Museum
Contemporary Arts Museum
Golestan Palace
Niavaran Palace
Reza Abbasi Museum
Sadabad Palace
National Museum
Golestan Palace


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