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In Iran Blog we talk about traveling to Iran based on our knowledge and experience. GivTravel tends to get closer to Iranians in Iran Blog and provide a travel guide for you who plan to travel to Iran.

If you travel to Iran, you need a taxi after leaving the airport. Airport taxis will satisfy your needs. However, during your travel to Iran, you will need taxis to commute in urban areas. There are three types of taxis available in Iran: a.Urban taxis - b.Telephone taxis - c.Internet taxis......

Taxi in Iran

Tomb of Saadi

Saadi Mausoleum is one of the attractions in Shiraz. The mausoleum of this great poet and explorer is housed inside a vast garden of cypress trees in the north east of Shiraz. It attracts many visitors daily. Due to the nearness of Saadi Mausoleum to Hafiz Mausoleum, it is usually recommended to visit the garden after visiting the mausoleum of Hafiz. The garden built according to Iranian gardens’ style is irrigated by an old aqueduct. To visit the aqueduct, the coffee shop built beside the tomb and the fish pool should be visited. The water of this old spring is highly respected by people of Shiraz. There are two water pools in front of the mausoleum in which people throw money so that their wishes might come true. One of the friendliest places of Shiraz is undoubtedly Mausoleum of Saadi. There is a store for traditional instruments and books in the garden from which Saadi’s books of poem can be bought....

Now is the time to visit Tehran

Tehran is slowly turning into one of the new centers of tourism in the world. Tourists can be seen more than any other time on the streets of Tehran. The city has become cleaner and cars try to move in their own lanes! This might have happened a little late but now is the time to visit Tehran!

Think to do in Tehran

Nowruz; Persian New Year

Nowrooz /nowru:z/ meaning "new day" in Persian is the first day of Persian calendar year. Iranians as well as people in some parts of Middle East celebrate this day. Because of this different and inspirational celebration we really recommend you visit Iran in Nowruz. The thing that really makes Iranian New-year different from other new years in other countries, is that people celebrate this day at the same time. People from different part of countries experience the same feeling.....


Persian food on your travel to Iran

The best part of traveling around the world is probably the opportunity that one acquires in trying the food of other cultures. Cuisine of every county is the best illustrator of the spirit of the people of that particular country and the delicious Iranian (Persian) food is no exception. The taste of Iranian food is generally a mild taste; it is not too hot or too sweet. Sour and salty tastes in the Iranian dish is balanced and to the minimum. This characteristic is the indication of the spirit and the culture of kind Iranian. Moreover, cooking Iranian food is not an easy and quick job. It usually takes a lot of time to......

Persian food

8 must-see local places in Iran

There are many places to be visited in Iran. As you know, Iran is a historical country. Considering the number of historical sites, Iran is one of the bests. But the question is where to visit in Iran or which sites are eye-catching to tourists. In this article we are going to introduce the sites or places that have played the main role both in history of Iran and Iranians' culture. Visiting these 8 places is like to pass the gate of untouched world and see the history from a different view. Are you interested in discovery of a different world? This article shows you the path to do it.

Places in Iran

Info about Iran country for travel

Iran is the 16th largest country in the world with kilometers of astonishing varieties of climates and geographical places.Alborz mountain range in North and Zagros in Northwest, Central desert, the Caspian sea (the largest lake in the world) in North, Damavand mountain (the biggest stratovolcano) near Tehran, Alisadr and Paru water caves which are unique in their kind, marshes, the woods, and the Persian Gulf’s beautiful islands in South have made Iran an extraordinary place that can easily satisfy any taste.Due to geographical location and various climates, one of the very popular tourist attractions in Iran is its stunning wildlife.


Journey to Susa and Chogha Zanbil

We should take Zagros mountain range and the Elamites into consideration when talking about the formation of Iran civilization.
Works of art belonging to Neolithic era which are over 10000 years old have been found in Ganj Dareh district near Kermanshah. First signs of sedentism and rural life, stone arrowheads, bone objects, thick clay pots, bowls, beads, jewelry, and bricks with a hole in center are some of the things discovered in Ganj Dareh mound. They knew agriculture and had domesticated animals. They were the indigenous people of Zagros Mountains who established Elam some...

Chogha Zanbil, Susa

Iranian traditional music

The traditional art music of Iran’s culture is called Iranian classical music. It is quite close to the traditional music of the region, particularly neighbor countries because Iran’s music has highly influenced them. Sufism has also deeply affected Iranian classical music. This kind of music is incredibly connected to poetry. The rhythmic patterns of poetry are in a relationship with the tunes of the music. Sometimes tunes are composed based on poems and sometimes poems are modeled for an existing tune.
Dominant instruments in Persian classical music are long-necked lutes (tar, setar, tanbur, dotar), spike-fiddle (kamencheh), drums (tombak, daf), end-blown flute (ney) and hammered dulcimer (santur).Usually small ensembles perform....

Journey to Historical Persepolis

The most important historic monument in Iran, Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid), is situated near Shiraz. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. This magnificent building had been buried for thousands of years and visitors had mentioned its ruins in their travelogue....


Iranian Folk Music

Iranian folk music portrays the history and culture which is passed on by word of mouth. It reflects Iranian peoples’ beliefs, culture, and customs that are distinctive due to different ethnicities. Therefore it has various features in tune and rhythm. Iranian folk music’s tunes are unlike what is called Iranian classical music. The folk tunes evolved into classical music at sovereigns’ courts. While folk music that is spread orally is about Iranian peoples’ stories, joy, and grief and is as old as this country’s history.
Iranian folk music portrays the history and culture which is passed on by word of mouth. It reflects Iranian peoples’ beliefs, culture, and customs that are distinctive due to different ethnicities. Therefore it has various features in tune.......

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