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Iran is the 16th largest country in the world with kilometers of astonishing varieties of climates and geographical places.Alborz mountain range in North and Zagros in Northwest, Central desert, the Caspian sea (the largest lake in the world) in North, Damavand mountain (the biggest stratovolcano) near Tehran, Alisadr and Paru water caves which are unique in their kind, marshes, the woods, and the Persian Gulf’s beautiful islands in South have made Iran an extraordinary place that can easily satisfy any taste.Due to geographical location and various climates, one of the very popular tourist attractions in Iran is its stunning wildlife.


Iranian historical attractions

According to World Tourism Organization, Iran ranks the 10th in ancient and historical Tourist Attraction and the 5th in natural in the world and this is mainly because of its vast area and the fact that it is located in the heart of Middle East.
Iran has changed a lot on the course of history and has been ruled by different dynasties. What is surprising is that anything that has happened in Iran has been greatly influenced by its rich culture.From the very first migration of nomads to Iran to other dynasties before and after Islam, Iran has undergone many changes. In spite of all the changes, it has been able to gather a great collection of history which appears with glory in art and architecture.Cities like Tehran, Susa, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman are good examples of Iran’s rich culture and history. This idea is proved by monuments like Choghazanbil in Susa, Persepolis in Shiraz, Bisotun in Kermanshah, Naqshe Jahan Sq. in Isfahan, Gonbad Soltanieh in Zanjan, and spectacular palaces in Tehran.

The governments of Iran

Iranians are the true definition of a ‘nation’ because since long time ago different nations have lived together in Iran being ruled by a single government. Nations with different religions: Islam, Zaroastrianism, Christianity, and even Hinduism. Evidently their relation and interaction has strengthened Iran’s culture.
Including diverse tribes with different forms of government (emperorship, monarchy, caliphate, feudal, constitutional government, and republic) has added to tourism attraction.People in different places in Iran have different characteristics since Iran is located at a special geographical position and different climates have formed their personalities. The hospitality and warmth of people in south, kindness and friendliness of people in arid areas, diligence and generosity of people in North and mountainous regions explain this idea.
Aryans moved to and settled in Iran circa 2000 B.C and their race was mixed with others like Arabs, Turks, etc. during history. So Iranians are mainly Aryans’ descendants. The first civilization history in Iran was started by Elamites, Shahr-e-Sukhte, and Jiroft but the commencement of political history dates back to the beginning of Median’s reign around 600 B.C. This is considered the first imperial government in Iran which was later expanded by Achaemenid.

Iranian language

The official language is Farsi (Persian) which is not only used in Iran but also from Alborz mountain range to the Pamir Mountains and the Seyhoun River. There are about 75 languages and dialects spoken in Iran.Persian is a branch of Indo-European languages. Based on article 15 of Iran’s constitution, all educational materials must be in Persian language and alphabet but using local or tribal languages in media or teaching their literature in local schools, besides Persian, is accepted.


Persian Carpet_Carpet Museum

Ethnicities in Iran

In addition, presently Iran consists of different ethnicities that are: Persian, Azeri, Kurds, Lur, Bakhtiari, Baloch, Mazandarani, Gilak, Qashqai, Arab, Lak, Talysh, Turkmen, Khalj, Assyrians, Chaldean, Mandaeen, Tat, Georgian, Sistani, Armenian, and Jew.

Iran Weather

Due to various climates, Iran is a country of four seasons. It means that, at any time of the year, if you travel to different cities in Iran, you can see different climates. For instance, in winter, there are places where you feel it is summer, some places with a springlike weather, and some like fall. This is the same in other seasons as well. Sometimes the temperature changes in winter between the coldest and the hottest place reaches to 50 degrees centigrade. Generally speaking, talking about rainfall, Iran is located in arid and semi-arid areas and temperature changes in different locations are really high. While the temperature is -30 degrees centigrade in Shahr-e-kurd in summer at night; it is 35 degrees in Ahwaz. In the North coast it is warm and humid in summer and temperate in winter. In West and Northwest it is temperate in summer and cold in winter. In South it is really hot in summer and temperate in winter.
Iran's vast area and ethnical and natural diversity have made varieties of culture in this country. Iran is an appropriate destination for those interested in eastern tales and myths and also a spectacular and reasonable place to take an excursion to and be away form everyday life for a while. Iran is awaiting you !

Iranian People
Iranian People
Iranian People


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