Iran Safety for Travel

Is it safe to travel to Iran? The fact is that dangers that you are going to face in Iran are the same dangers and risks that you are going to encounter in countries like England , china or south Africa. These dangers are mainly caused by failure to comply with laws of different countries or lack of general knowledge about the people’s culture. however it should be noted that rules are a little easier for foreigners. Take hijab as an example, The hijab rules are not adhered strictly to tourists, exactly same as the rules that are against homosexuality. In Iran the only risks that could threaten you are spying charges. These risks are likely to threaten you in other countries in the world as well. It is necessary not to take pictures of state buildings and industrial sites and buildings. Avoid behaviors that put you in front of Iran judicial system in order to have a perfect trip to Iran.

Iran Safety
International news agencies and Iran

Keep Calm and Travel to Iran Your thoughts about Iran are mostly coming from international news agencies that their policies are against Iran’s government. Despite political views and politicians behaviors , you need to experience true Iran with its people. You need to put away every bad thoughts about Iran and take a trip to Iran to get to know the people, they will accept you with open arms. The people are famous for generosity and accepting guests in their houses. There is an expression that says , guests are god’s friends. In a trip to Iran you can expect any kindness from the people. In Iran , people are interested in interacting with tourists so it is completely normal if in a historical site people want to come along and say a friendly hello. They will be good friends for you. So forget the words from the news agencies About Iran.

Where not to go?

Now the question is that if there are areas in Iran that they are dangerous to go or not? The answer is negative . but if you intend to travel to southeastern areas you need to go with a professional tour guide . if you travel as a backpacker inside the cities is completely safe but try not to use remote roads and stay in populated areas . we do not recommend travelling near the borders as those areas are mostly remote and unpopulated they are not that safe for tourists.

The future of politics in Iran

After the presidential election in June 2013 the political environment has been changed and become a lot better. Iran is ready to establish a good relationship with the world. Civil liberties are more than before, there is a friendly political environment in Iran. Since spring 2014 there has been a 250 % growth in Iran tourism industry. The state plans to improve tourism foundations with an even pace. To sum up Iran is one of the best and the safest tourism destinations in the middle east.


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