Journey to Historical Persepolis

PersepolisThe most important historic monument in Iran, Persepolis (Takht-e Jamshid), is situated near Shiraz. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire. This magnificent building had been buried for thousands of years and visitors had mentioned its ruins in their travelogue.

Early Civilization of Persepolis

In 645 BC, after Elamite civilization destruction in southern Iran, Persians living in southeast of Iran and littoral areas of Persian Gulf became the major power of the region. Persians who had been once the tributary of Elam attached it to their empire in 5th and 6th centuries BC and declared Susa as one of their own cities. They helped the Medes in fighting and overthrowing the bloody Assyrian power, and by this improved their power. After Aryan peoples came to power in Hamedān and dominated the Iranian plateau and Mesopotamia, the ancient history became prepared for a long-term stability after years of fire, wars, and bloodshed, thanks to the integration of small Mesopotamia states by Cyrus, the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty. For the first time in the history, this large and powerful empire dominated all ancient world, except two-third of ancient Greece. They achieved consolidating more than 50 nations under the banner of justice for many years. Persian Empire was built on religious freedom and respect for human rights and development of art. After conquering the Medes and consolidating Aryan people in Iranian Plateau, they replaced Mesopotamia civilization and established new laws, which were far more advanced and human-oriented than before. In your trip to Iran, you can visit one of the oldest tombs in the world, and indeed the tomb of the first king "Cyrus" of the first empire in the history. In addition, remaining of a huge and magnificent palace, as well as the tombs of the great Iranian kings constructed by the successors of Cyrus are available for seeing. 
Achaemenid ruled the ancient world for 220 years and changed the power equations. Ruling style should be divided into the pre- and post-Achaemenid eras. Moreover, by integrating the Middle Eastern Aryans, they played an important role in unifying Iran and building a proud heritage for the next generations of Iranians.
Persepolis and Pasargade are not the only monuments of Achaemenid Empire. In Ancient Iran tours, you will pass Kermanshah and Mount Behistun, and see two stone historic inscriptions of the Great Dariush, founder of Persepolis, describing his works.
The memories of Persians and Aryans were gradually faded and remained only in the myths, stories, and poems of such poets as Ferdowsi about Iranian epic heroes. The memories of Persians and their role in ancient and post-ancient eras were evoked again in Iran's contemporary history for building Iranianity concept after Persepolis was excavated from ruins, as a treasure, by archaeological explorations.



Persepolis Tour; Tips and Guides:

Persepolis is a must-see when you are travelling to Iran. Nearly all Givtravel tours include visiting Persepolis. Here you can find the opening hours and other useful information of this glorious monument:

Persepolis Facilities

Visiting Hours: 8 to 18:30
Weekly holiday:NO
Distance to Shiraz: About 60 km

Historical Place:

Transportation: YES
Ticket: YES (More expensive for foreigners than Iranians).
Disabilities Facilities: NO (Unfortunately no but Iranian Travel agencies can provide them for you)
Rest Position:  YES


Persepolis Guide:YES (Givtravel can provide them for you)
Coffee-shop: YES
Handicraft Market: YES
Big Market:NO
Restaurant: YES
Vegetarian Restaurant:NO
What kind of shoes do I need?  Sneakers are the best.
Pets' policy: No. Pets are not allowed.
AND Smiling People:  YES of course :)
For DinnerGivtravel suggests Sepid Restaurant in Marvdasht for lunch. The neck of the lamb is perfect here.


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