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In Iran Blog we talk about traveling to Iran based on our knowledge and experience. GivTravel tends to get closer to Iranians in Iran Blog and provide a travel guide for you who plan to travel to Iran.

Iran Safety for Travel

Is it safe to travel to Iran? The fact is that dangers that you are going to face in Iran are the same dangers and risks that you are going to encounter in countries like England , china or south Africa. These dangers are mainly caused by failure to comply with laws of different countries or lack of general knowledge about the people’s culture. however it should be noted that rules are a little easier for foreigners. Take hijab as an example, The hijab rules are not adhered strictly to tourists, exactly same as the rules that are against homosexuality. In Iran the only risks that could threaten you are spying charges. These risks are likely to threaten you in other countries in the world as well. It is necessary not to take pictures of state buildings and industrial sites and buildings. Avoid behaviors that put you in front of Iran judicial system in order to have a perfect trip to Iran.......

What do you need to travel to Iran?

According to religious customs men and women do not shake hands with each other in Iran. However, this is not so among younger generations who are less religious. They shake hands as in many other cultures. Anyway, (if you are a male) never be the initiator in a handshake with a woman. Let them do that. Also be aware that a man’s kissing a woman is a very personal action and let women start it. In addition, it’s customary that men kiss each other when they visit. Don’t be shocked.


Which season is suitable to travel to Iran?

Which season is suitable to travel to Iran? This question is not right! It may be better to put it this way: which part of Iran is better to travel to in different seasons? Iran is the 18th largest country in the world. But its different parts don't share the same climate. Iran is a large and four-season country and it gives the tourist the opportunity to experience any kind of climate they wish in any time of the year. Iran with 11 of 13 known climate zones in the world, and also 16 national parks and 33 wildlife refuges, is among the attractive natural regions of the world. Variable climate conditions have caused various ecosystems in Iran.

When to go to Iran

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