If you travel to Iran, you need a taxi after leaving the airport. Airport taxis will satisfy your needs. However, during your travel to Iran, you will need taxis to commute in urban areas. There are three types of taxis available in Iran:

  • a.Urban taxis 
  • b.Telephone taxis
  • c.Internet taxis

1.Iran’s urban taxis
Taxi in IranIn Iran urban taxis are usually yellow and do not use a specific model of car. Usually these cars are Kia, Peugeot and Samand and they are commuting on the streets of Iran. But these are in fact a small number of Iran's taxis. In Iran, anyone with a car can be a taxi driver! Drivers who do not work with taxi organization and who work freely are called "Shakhsi (literally means personal)".We recommend you, a traveler to Iran, to use only legal urban taxis that are under the supervision of taxi organization to ensure a safe and secure travel.
The taxis in Iran do not possess taxi meter and the taxi fare is received according to agreements and conventions. Maybe this amount is more for you as a stranger! Hence you can ask for help from others on pricing. Perhaps the most important point about these taxis is that you will not be alone until arriving to the destination. Some other passengers will get in the taxi and sit beside you. It might be said that the urban taxis are not regarded as private environments, rather they are public places. To use a taxi individually, you need to use the word "Darbast (literally means doors closed)" so that the driver does not pick up any other passengers along your route. But why not use a telephone taxi to get a private taxi?
2.Iran’s telephone taxis
Telephone taxis are operated by private offices and are abundant in all cities of Iran. These taxis offer services in two ways: route-based and time-based services. For example, you can hire one of these taxis with its driver for two hours. You should bear in mind that the prices of these taxis are higher than the convention. For a five-kilometer route you have to pay about two dollars. The problem with using these taxis is that there is no specific reference for you to receive these offices’ phone numbers. You have to ask local people to find the phone number of a telephone taxi. If you are disappointed with this type of taxi and its problems; there is only one way left that is the use of internet taxis.
3.Iran’s internet taxis:
Internet taxi is a new phenomenon in Iran, but they have become very common. This newness has made it unattainable in all cities of Iran. The largest internet taxi company in Iran is Taxi Snapp which has managed to operate only in the cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan,Mashhad and Karaj in its two-year activity. You can download the Snapp app on Apple Store and Android app. This app works in Farsi, Spanish and English. So it can be responsive to many travelers in Iran. If you are going to stay for a long time or for several months in Iran, this app is a must for you.
Perhaps, like anywhere else in the world, the future of taxi system is internet taxi system. The point that you should know about Snapp is the much lower cost of these taxis compared to telephone taxis which has led to a significant reduction in the number of telephone taxis. You can also pay for these taxis in cash, not in dollars!

It should also be noted that a way of visiting Iran is to use Iranian tours which includes driver and guide. You need to know that these facilities are offered by Iranian tours; compared to the money you spend as a backpacker, it can save your time and money. If you travel with Group tours, your travel expenses will be significantly reduced and you will enjoy the companionship of your fellow travelers, travel guides, and 24-hour driver. Traveling to Iran is very low-priced provided that you know exactly what you want from a trip. Giv Travel will be delighted to answer your questions about traveling to Iran.

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