Now is the time to visit Tehran

Tehran is slowly turning into one of the new centers of tourism in the world. Tourists can be seen more than any other time on the streets of Tehran. The city has become cleaner and cars try to move in their own lanes! This might have happened a little late but now is the time to visit Tehran!

Things to Do in Tehran

Looking for Tehran!

In 2014, when a 7,000-year-old female skeleton was discovered during the excavations of Molavi Street, once again speculations grew over the history of this large city. However, you shouldn’t expect too much. Tehran is a young city dating back to approximately 230 years ago! With a population of 13 million people, this metropolis is one of the largest cities in the world. If the buildings and highways don’t block your view, you can see the legendary Mount Damavand, the highest summit in Iran, in distant. Apparently in ancient times, when Tehran was just a large village, it used to be a hiding place for the notorious fugitives and the stolen treasures! Well! What a better place than the slopes of the great Damavand?! Nevertheless, people of Tehran were famous for digging underground holes to both hides and protect themselves from thieves and bandits. Today, when I look at Tehran I don’t see anything to conceal. Damavand has offered all of its treasures and Tehran has turned into the city with the highest number of immigrants in Iran.

I’m in Tehran now. What should I do?

"What to do" is the essential question in any journey. This question should be asked even in hell :) What to do in Tehran? It’s not easy to answer this question. When for the first time you’re left alone in the middle of one of the busy streets of Tehran you realize that Oh my God! There’s so much to do! That’s when you join the people who are all running. In this confusing situation, Givtravel suggests you go straight to the Tehran bazaar. “The grand bazaar”. In Tehran bazaar, you can put yourself in the middle of the crowd and adjust your pulse with that of the city. You can see and buy anything that you want in bazaar including Iran’s handicrafts, fruits, dried fruits, books, and jewelry. Don’t forget to be a guest in traditional coffee houses and have bazaar’s kebab for the lunch which is incredibly tasty! Tehran bazaar has played an important role in the way people live. In fact, part of the history of this city has been determined in its bazaar…and of course in its palaces.
Sa'dabad Palace and Museum is the largest palace of Tehran which contains 18 palaces from different periods. You should spend an entire day to visit this complex. The Book Museum, Mir Emad Museum, the Museum of Ancient Iran, the Museum of the treasures, Calligraphy Museum and the Museum of Anthropology are only parts of this large complex.
Golestan Palace used to be the residence of the kings of Qajar dynasty and today it contains a collection of museums. What attracts every visitor here is the beautiful tile work of the palace.
This palace is close to the city's main museums such as the Museum of Ancient Iran, the Carpet Museum, Reza Abbasi Museum, etc.
Besides these two old palaces in Tehran, there is a more modern palace that was the home to kings of the Pahlavi dynasty. Just like Saadabad, Niavaran palace was built in the north of Tehran on the slopes of Alborz mountain range. Today, the door of this palace is open to the people, of course with tickets! Seeing this palace will be fascinating for every viewer who has seen the grand bazaar!
While you’re visiting the museums in Tehran, don’t forget to check out the National Jewelry Museum. A large number of world’s famous jewelry is kept in this museum such as the sea of light and Naderi tuft. This collection is priceless! If I have to describe it in a word, I'll have to say: it’s amazing. Remember the museum is only open from 14 to 16:30. So you should plan properly to visit it and consider Tehran’s traffic in advance.

I want clean air!

At first sight Tehran seems to be a bustling city. New highways and subway lines have somehow managed to solve the equation of Tehran's traffic problem. Tehran is little by little breathing. Two years ago Tehran had a beautiful daughter named Nature, the Nature Bridge. With its metal architecture and the proper use of green space, this bridge is a reminder that People of Tehran want to move beyond this complex situation of traffic and smoke.
You can always go to Darband and Darakeh and have a nice day in the green and relaxing valleys and slopes of Tochal with the people. And if you love skiing you can go to Tochal and Dizin pistes which are nearby and have convenient facilities prepared for you such as hotels and restaurants in addition to their professional pistes. The important thing about these two ski pistes is that they have the sunniest days of the year in cold seasons and I recommend you not to ignore them.

Tehran: the art capital of the Middle East

I don’t speak about the conditions of today's world of art. I speak about the art itself. Tehran is the hub of Middle Eastern art. You can trace this claim in cinema, painting, sculpture and other artistic disciplines of Iran. Numerous works of Iranian artists’ visual art can be seen in any bookstore and every night you can watch a play. Also, countless art galleries in Tehran which are active on a daily basis are able to fend off the fatigue out of your body caused by a busy day. I promise you will admire the works displayed in this gallery.
Besides, there is Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts with a beautiful architecture and fantastic space. This museum consistently displays works of great artists of the world. In fact, the biggest and most valuable collection of art outside Europe and USA belongs to the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts! Won’t you believe that? You’d better do.

Tehran in 2016

Tehran in 2016 is a lot different from the past. Almost from anywhere in the city, you can see a long vertical tower risen from the ground. Today, Milad Tower is the symbol of the city. The tower next to the old symbol of Tehran's Azadi Square speaks well of a drastic change. Tehran has long prepared itself for a leap to soar just like Milad Tower. In addition to this, we can talk about the new buildings of Tehran and the daily expansion of the city which may not be very compatible with the geography and moods of the people. Nevertheless, People of Tehran have chosen this way of life and perhaps this is the meaning of Iranian lifestyle in 2016.
Currently, Museum and Gallery tours, as well as Ski tours of Dizin and Tochal and also Damavand summit tours, are offered to you by different agencies. If you have the intention to do it yourself it’s very simple. Stand up and get your backpack. Tehran is looking forward to seeing you!

Golestan Palace
Azadi Square
Tabiat Bridge
Milad Tower
Dizin SKi Resort
Sadabad Palace
Golestan Palace
Reza Abbasi Museum
Carpet Museum


Tehran’s Top History Museums You Should Visit

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