Tomb of Saadi

Saadi Mausoleum is one of the attractions in Shiraz. The mausoleum of this great poet and explorer is housed inside a vast garden of cypress trees in the north east of Shiraz. It attracts many visitors daily. Due to the nearness of Saadi Mausoleum to Hafiz Mausoleum, it is usually recommended to visit the garden after visiting the mausoleum of Hafiz. The garden built according to Iranian gardens’ style is irrigated by an old aqueduct. To visit the aqueduct, the coffee shop built beside the tomb and the fish pool should be visited. The water of this old spring is highly respected by people of Shiraz. There are two water pools in front of the mausoleum in which people throw money so that their wishes might come true. One of the friendliest places of Shiraz is undoubtedly Mausoleum of Saadi. There is a store for traditional instruments and books in the garden from which Saadi’s books of poem can be bought.

Architecture of the Tomb of Saadi

Saadi has been the spiritual father of Iran for nearly 700 years and he has always been dignified. Since old times, Iranian rulers have tried to refurbish his tomb. The current building of the tomb is more than 65 years old and is a combination of modern and Iranian architecture. The Iranian ceramics as well as the arches of the building depict the atmosphere of Iranian poems and Saadi’s travels. In Iran, April 21st marks the National Saadi Commemoration Day. Mausoleum of Saadi hosts Saadi lovers on this day in the beautiful spring of Shiraz.

Opening hours of tomb of Saadi

The opening hours of tomb of Saadi are 7:30—22:00 in the first half of the year and 8:00 - 20:30 in the second half of the year.

Tomb of Saadi
wishes pool, Tomb of Saadi
Tomb of Saadi
Tomb of Saadi
Tomb of Saadi

Who is Saadi Shirazi?

My father narrated that at his childhood when he entered Maktab (Iranian old schools which were administered traditionally) for the first time, the teacher, who was called Mirza, had given him a wooden plaque on which the following poem was written beneath the name of God:

’A padshah ( King ) placed his son in a school
Putting in his lap a silver tablet
With this inscription in golden letters:
The severity of a teacher is better than the love of a father.’

This poem is by Saadi. Quran has always been taught in Maktabs and Iranian educational system and the books of Iranian poets have had special importance beside Quran. Iran's education system takes advantage of Saadi and Ferdowsi. In Iranian remote towns and villages these books are known as teaching references in the primary sciences. However, due to its epic nature, Shahnameh is more used in the heart of society and among adults and for rituals. On the other side, the poetry and prose of Saadi is a very expressive, simple, and eventually beautiful. Poems of Saadi are easily understandable for any kind of audience. Likewise, due to using folk and everyday stories of people in his poems and anecdotes and the cautionary aspects of his anecdotes, Saadi is regarded as a suitable reference for teaching in Iranian schools. Saadi is known as the teacher of ethics and courtesy in Iran.
Approximate date of birth of Saadi is believed to be on 1210 AD. He was born in Shiraz and lived for more than 80 years. Saadi was a man of the world and he explained his travels and the incidents that have happened to him in his anecdotes in Gulistan. After his numerous travels, Saadi went back to Shiraz and started writing the book of “Gulistan” (The Rose Garden) as well as the book of “Bustan” (The Orchard), which is his collection of poems, at the age of 50. Likewise, Saadi has another great book in which he has uttered poems in the form of Ghazal and is known as “Ghazaliat Saadi”. In Ghazaliat Saadi and other poems and anecdotes of Saadi, we face a terrestrial text. The loves and anecdotes are terrestrial and touchable. The simplicity of Saadi discriminates him from poets prior to him who had many language complexities. The poems of Saadi are addressed to the common people and there is no trace of Sufi and vague words in them. The literature and poetry of Iran can be divided to pre- and post-Saadi. Such that in the works of the last great classic poet of Iran, Jami, who lived in the fourteenth century there is a nice imitation of the language and poetry of Saadi and there is no sign of the complex poetic language like that of Mawlana Rumi. The language of Saadi in the literature of Iran is the beginning of a rebirth in Persian language whose effects can be observed even today.

The Gulistan of Saadi (The Rose Garden)

The Gulistan of Saadi is one of the most charming books of advice in the literature of the world. A fluent prose along with using a cautionary poem at the end of anecdotes have made this book a literary masterpiece. The high rate of aptitude, intelligence and punctiliousness of Saadi can be easily witnessed in Gulistan. The term “rind” (meaning an ingenious and clever person) in Persian literature is used for a person possessing these three traits simultaneously and Saadi is an ingenious man of world. His tips and anecdotes are teeming with cautionary delicacies which have been absolutely beneficial to the Iranian everyday life and people’s perspectives towards the world. He is a great teacher who expresses his words in the form of very simple anecdotes and all classes of society can understand him. If you are interested in folk tales of nations and books of advices, I recommend you to read Gulistan of Saadi. Through this book, you will become familiarized with the world of Iranian people. Some anecdotes from Gulistan of Saadi are mentioned in the following section:


I met a trader who possessed one hundred and fifty camel loads of merchandise with forty slaves and servants. One evening in the oasis of Kish he took me into his apartment and taking all night no rest kept up an incoherent gabble, saying: I have such and such a warehouse in Turkestan, such and such goods in Hindostan; this is the title-deed of such and such an estate and in this affair such and such a man is security. He said: I intend to go to Alexandria because it has a good climate, and correcting himself continued: No, because the African sea is boisterous. O Sadi, I have one journey more to undertake and after performing it I shall during the rest of my life sit in a corner and enjoy contentment. I asked: What journey is that? He replied: I shall carry Persian brimstone to China because I heard that it fetched a high price. I shall also carry Chinese porcelain to Rum and Rumi brocade to India and Indian steel to Aleppo, convey glass-ware of Aleppo to Yemen, striped cloth of Yemen to Pars. After that I shall abandon trading and shall sit down in a shop. He had talked so much of this nonsenses that no more strength remained in him so he said: O Sadi, do thou also tell me something of what thou hast seen and heard.

I recited:
‘Thou mayest have heard that in the plain of Ghur
Once a leader fell down from his beast of burden,
Saying: “The narrow eye of a wealthy man
Will be filled either by content or by the earth of thetomb.”’


I remember, being in my childhood pious, rising in the night, addicted to devotion and abstinence. One night I was sitting with myfather, remaining awake and holding the beloved Quran in my lap, whilst the people around us were asleep. I said: 'Not one of these persons lifts up his head or makes a genuflection. They are as fast asleep as if they were dead.'
He replied: 'Darling of thy father, would that thou wert also asleep rather than disparaging people.'

The pretender sees no one but himself
Because he has the veil of conceit in front.
If he were endowed with a God-discerning eye
He would see that no one is weaker than himself.


I heard a philosopher say that no one has ever made a confession of his own folly except he who begins speaking, whilst another has not yet finished his talk.

Words have a head, O shrewd man, and a tail.
Do not insert thy words between words of others.
The possessor of deliberation, intelligence and shrewdness
Does not say a word till he sees silence.


A pious man saw an acrobat in great dudgeon, full of wrath and foaming at the mouth.
He asked: 'What is the matter with this fellow?'
A bystander said: 'Someone has insulted him.'
He remarked: 'This base wretch is able to lift a thousand mann of stones and has not
the power to bear one word!'

Abandon thy claim to strength and manliness.
Thou art weak-minded and base, whether thou be a man or woman.
If thou art able, make a sweet mouth.
It is not manliness to strike the fist on a mouth.


A fellow with a disagreeable voice happened to be reading the Quran, when a pious man passed near, and asked him what his monthly salary was. He replied: 'Nothing.' He further inquired: 'Then why takest thou this trouble?' He replied: 'I am reading for God's sake.' He replied: 'For God's sake do not read.'

If thou readest the Quran thus
Thou wilt deprive the religion of splendour.

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