Museums of Iran

Iran-MuseumsList of museums in Iran

Here you can find lists of museums in the main cities of Iran. You will also find practical information on each museum that can help you choose which ones to visit.

List and working hours of famous museums in Tehran

According to religious customs men and women do not shake hands with each other in Iran. However, this is not so among younger generations who are less religious. They shake hands as in many other cultures. Anyway, (if you are a male) never be the initiator in a handshake with a woman. Let them do that. Also be aware that a man’s kissing a woman is a very personal action and let women start it. In addition, it’s customary that men kiss each other when they visit. Don’t be shocked.

Tehran Museums

List and working hours of famous museums in Shiraz

Building of this museum, which is located, at historical site of Persepolis, is the oldest building among the museums in Iran, as it was discovered when one of the Persepolis palaces was under repair. In this place you can see a number of discovered objects related to 2500 years ago such as Bayonets, Achaemenid trumpet, daggers, dishes, sculptures and clay tablets. You can also see a view of the real floor of the palace upon which the new building was constructed.

Shiraz Museums

List and working hours of famous museums in Isfahan

Chehel Sotoun palace was built in a vast garden around 11th century in Isfahan. It is one example of palaces in Safavian era in Isfahan. This famous building has a blue hall with decorative plaster modeling and also fine and exquisite miniatures by Reza Abbasi. In your journey to Isfahan don't miss visiting the most original iranian paintings. High Eiwan of Chehel Sotoun with twenty wooden columns gives the palace grandeur and special gesture. This famous building was open for public visitors in 1337 after revolution was closed and open again in 1367 as Chehel Sotoun museum. Chehel Sotoun is an archeology and anthropology museum.

Isfahan Museums

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