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Chehel Sotoun Museum

Chehel Sotoun palace was built in a vast garden around 11th century in Isfahan. It is one example of palaces in Safavian era in Isfahan. This famous building has a blue hall with decorative plaster modeling and also fine and exquisite miniatures by Reza Abbasi. In your journey to Isfahan don't miss visiting the most original iranian paintings. High Eiwan of Chehel Sotoun with twenty wooden columns gives the palace grandeur and special gesture. This famous building was open for public visitors in 1337 after revolution was closed and open again in 1367 as Chehel Sotoun museum. Chehel Sotoun is an archeology and anthropology museum.

Visiting Hours: 09-18

Phone No : (98)31-32 22 01 81
Address: Isfahan, Ostandary Ave

Decorative art Museum or Fine Art Museum (Rakib Khaneh Building)

Rakib khaneh was built and used for keeping equitation fittings and royal horses around 400 years ago simultaneous with First Shah Abbas reign. Fine art Museum of Iran with an area around 2600 square meters presents hundreds of exquisite artworks for public visitors. Rakib khaneh is divided to seven sectors 1. Calligraphy
2. Lacquer and Oil works 3. Traditional handwovens and onsewings 4. Miniatures 5. 6. Wooden works 7. Glassware and Ceramic
In this museum you will visit samples of most beautiful handicrafts of Iran.

Visiting Hours: Saturday - Wednesday 8-13 Thursday 8-12

Phone No : (98)31-32218606
Address: Ostandary Av. infront of Pardis University

Vank Cathedral

Vank cathedral is located in Julfa district, it is one of main Armenian historical cathedrals located in Isfahan. Inside space of Vank cathedral is decorated with Iranian style miniatures. Vank Cathedral is one hundred years old and is one of most famous museums in Isfahan. In this Museum you can visit different sectors of Iran's history and also Armenian's History like plaster modeling and calligraphy paintings, porcelain and ceramic dishes, printing industry loge, Armenian loge, Republic of Armenia loge.

Visiting Hours: 8-12.30 Friday and Holidays: 14-17

Phone No.: (98)31-36243471
Address: Hakim Nezami cross, East Nazar street.

Contemporary Art Museum of Isfahan

Recent Building of contemporary art museum is a considerable and beautiful building with an area around 3000 square meters survived from Qajar Dynasty. This Museum has 6 galleries that is open all year around with different artworks of artists in various fields. Also in this museum we keep manuscripts of exquisite Qurans.

Visiting Hours: 9-11 and 16-19

Phone No. : (98)31-32229121
Address: Imam hossein square,Ostandary Av.

Museum of Education and Training

Education and Training museum is located in an old building belonging to Atta'o'llah Dahesh one of social characters of Iran in recent hundred years. In this museum, history of Isfahan Education and Training has been reviewed in order to compare situation of education in past with recent years. Images and works of avant-garde celebrities and educators like Seyed Saeed Tabatabaee, Seyed Zia ol din Jenab and Mirza Abdol Hosein Khoshnevis has adorned this sector. Also exquisite documents of ministry of Knowledge and Education and Training plus educational records of various educational periods and albums of students, administrators and old schools are kept in this sector. In this Museum in addition to number of manuscripts imprinted in lithography, also collection of old school literature is kept. Specialized literature related to history and celebrities of Isfahan, school calendars, old journals and newspapers and publications related to training and education of Isfahan province is also part of museum's library. Amongst exquisites of this library is a collection of "Farhang" Newspaper, first Newspaper published in Isfahan.

Visiting Hours: Saturday- Wednesday: 8-17 Thursday: 8-12

Phone No. : (98)31-32334816
Address: Shams Abadi Av, Ghasr Cross, Dahesh Ally

Natural History Museum of Isfahan

This museum is located in an old building belonging to 14th century AD. This museum covers diverse parts of world ecosystem,Including :
-Invertebrates Hall
-Botany Hall
-Geology Hall
-Natural Geography and Maps Hall
-Vertebrates Hall

Visiting Hours: 9-17

Phone No.: (98)31-32222026
Address: Isfahan, Ostandary Av, Teymouri Hall

Kashan National Museum

Kashan National Museum of Fin garden had been built on ruins of Nezam ol Molk house. Area of this building is 300 square meters. Collections presented in this museum are as old as 400 AD till contemporary era.

Visiting Hours: 9-19

Phone No.: (98)0361-32001
Address: Kashan, Fin garden

Mashrooteh House

This historical building with a historical architecture, beautiful and eye-catching contains two main rooms, two private yards and one external yard, plus 12 rooms with Iranian style architecture. A Room with seven doors of this house has a glass work. Glasswork creates a beautiful arena when sun shines. In this house religious scholars, those who fought for freedom, Men of culture and politics and Isfahani people gathered in time of Constitutional Revolution. Plus to historical events that occurred in this place you visit part of Isfahan city and in reality part of Iranian's daily life.

Visiting Hours: weekdays 16-20 weekends 8-14

Phone No. : (98)31-32226619
Address: Isfahan, Imam square, neshat Street

Sheikh ol Islam House

Sheikh ol Islam House is remained from Safavian era and is a remembrance of Qajar and Safavids architecture and one of most beautiful buildings in Isfahan. This beautiful house has been in use for funeral ceremonies (Seyed ol Shohada) and religious theater called Taazie. These days Sheikh ol Islam house with an area around 455 square meters is one of beautiful houses of Isfahan. Handicraft and Cultural Heritage Organizations has transformed this house to a museum for traditional arts.

Address: Takhti Cross
Phone No.: (98)31-32229954


Contemporary Art Museum of Isfahan
Kashan National Museum
Mashrooteh House
Natural History Museum of Isfahan
Vank Museum


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