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Achaemenid Museum

Building of this museum, which is located, at historical site of Persepolis, is the oldest building among the museums in Iran, as it was discovered when one of the Persepolis palaces was under repair. In this place you can see a number of discovered objects related to 2500 years ago such as Bayonets, Achaemenid trumpet, daggers, dishes, sculptures and clay tablets. You can also see a view of the real floor of the palace upon which the new building was constructed.

Visiting hours:7.30 AM – 6.00 PM
Closed day:Persepolis site and Achaemenid Museum are open every day, except for religious holidays.

Tel: +98 728 4432653
Address: Takht-e jamshid, Marvdasht,Shiraz

Pars Museum

Pars Museum is in Shiraz, in Nazar garden which is the burial place of Karim Khan Zand. This museum is located at a building with beautiful paintings and stuccos, which are characteristics of Zand period’s architecture, and are striking at garden entrance. There are some art works related to before Islam and after that in this museum. Most important art works in the museum are:
A Collection of 30 volumes of Quran with Yahya al-jamali alsufi's manuscript.
A collection of water color paintings of Iran style by Lotfali Suratgar Shirazi
The famous portrait of Karim Khan Zand by Ja'far Naghash.
And art works of famous painters from Zand period like Aqa Sadeq, Mirza Baba Naghashbashi, and some contemporary painter's art works like Sadr al-din Shayesteh's and Mir Mosavar's.
And it is noteworthy to mention Shah Safi's sword and Karim Khan Zand's sword, beside ancient dishes and coins.

Visiting hours:
8.00 AM – 7.00 PM
The museum is open every day except for religious holidays and Mondays.

Tel: +98 713 2224151
Address:Shahrdari Square, Zand St., Shiraz

Meshking Fam Art Museum (Foruq al-molk's House)

Building of this Museum was Foruq al-molk Ghavami's house and dates back to 1310. By visiting this museum, you get acquainted with the houses of Qajar period in Iran.
This house consists of two floors in addition to the ground, stable, kitchen, bathroom, yard, etc. It has decorative brick, tile, ceiling painting and rock carving. Meshkin Fam art museum which is the first private museum of Visual Arts, has been hold in Foruq al-molk Ghavami's house. It was run thank to Meshkin Fam family's attempt and perseverance and their private collection. The museum has very intimate environment and is divided into several parts: Meskkin Fam's work of arts, carving art, relief, Iranian calligraphy, and also painting of contemporary artist of Shiraz and Fars Province.
An old room and a library with hundreds of books and specialized magazines, Visual Arts Study Office and a shop are the other parts of this museum.
If you wish to walk and visit old alleys of Shiraz, this museum is a 10-minute walk from Karim Khani Arg .

Visiting hours: 8.30 -12.00 AM and 4.00 - 6.30 PM
This museum is open every day, except for religious holidays and Fridays.

Tel: +98 713 2226308
Address:Next to Bibi Dokhtaran Cemetery, Dast qeib St., Shiraz

Afif Abad Military Museum

This museum as a second military museum in Iran is one of the largest weapon and militaria museum in the Middle East. Military museum is located at Afif Abad historical mansion. Afif Abad garden is one of the most beautiful and oldest gardens of Iran, which was the king's and great men's dome in Safavi period, 400 years ago. This museum has presented the evolution of white arms and firearms including Automatic and semi-automatic weapons, swords, spears, daggers, helmets, armors, muzzle-loading and hunting rifles, and guns of all types from Safavi period to Islamic revolution. There are some noticeable objects such as Fathali Shah Qajar's single barrel rifle, Naser al-din Shah's double barrel rifle , Mozafar al-din Shah's Mauser rifle endowed by German empire and another one endowed by French government
Rais Ali Delvari's gun, rifle Collection of Mirza Kouchak Khan Jangali and his followers. Reza Shah's Burial wagon and also Fathali Sah's gun are in staircase entrance. In the garden yard, the guns made in Iran from different period are displayed. The site consists of a royal palace, museum of old weapons and a beautiful garden.

Visiting hours: 8.30 -12.00 AM and 4.00 - 7.30 PM
Closed day:
Afif Abad Military Museum is are open every day, except for religious holidays.

Tel: +98713 6266541
Address: Afif Abad Garden, SatarKhan St., Shiraz

Narenjestan Qavam Museum and Zinat al-moluk's house

This museum is in fact Qavam's historical house. Qavam was a great clan who had influence on Shiraz and Fars in 200 years ago. Narenjestan Qavam museum is famous for its beautiful and classic architecture of Qajar period, rather than its crockery. Every tourist intending to visit Shiraz is recommended to visit this old house and also Zinat al-moluk's house, which is located besides this building, and is the museum of Fars historical figures.
You can find some unique works of glass art, stucco, painting, tile and Iranian wood work of Qajar period and also Iranian lively courtyard, rooms and porches at this museum and house.

This site is open every day except for religious holidays.
Work hours: 8 .00AM -7.30 PM

Tel: +98 713 2224381
Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., Shirza

The Stone (Haft Tanan) Museum

The stone museum is situated at Haft tanan Tekye( one of Karim Khan Zand's building), at the foot of Chehel Maqam Mountain.
One of interesting spectacles of this mansion is a hall whose upper niches are decorated with plaster paintings of five scenes, deemed as Zand memorial paintings. The Seven Dervishs tombs covered by plain gravestones are located in this museum. The gravestones were put on these tombs by Karim Khan Zand's order. Haft Tanan, meaning seven people, was derived from a famous anecdote among people of Shiraz. Many years ago, this place was the residence of seven Dervishes who departed from this world one after another, and only the seventh Dervish was alive. One day, he came down the mountain and went to the town and gave some money to a pitman and asked him to come to his garden next day and bury the corpse that was there. Pitman accepted his request and the next day went to the mountain and was encountered with Dervish's corpse in the garden! So he buried him.
The stones in this museum date back to the third to eleventh century ,and were adorned with various manuscripts such as Kufi,Sols,Nasta'liq- Divani ,Touqi,Ta'liq,naskh etc.
Suggestion: Haft Tanan museum is a 5-minute walk from Darvazeh qoran (quran gate)

Address: Haft Tanan Boulevard, Shiraz

This site is every day open except for religious holidays.

Museum of technology and natural history

The building of this museum with area of 1600 square meters, was constructed by University of Shiraz in 1353, and in 1356 was transferred to the present place with area of 5000 square meters.
The museum consists of animal and plant (herbarium) section, geology, Anatomy Museum, the Museum of Technology (IT), Anthropological Museum, stamps, coins, medals, banknotes, museum of astrology and astronomy, taxidermy studio, live snake aquarium, freshwater -fish aquarium and specialized libraries and is assumed as the largest museum in Shiraz.

This site is open every day except for religious holidays and Thursdays.
Visiting hours: Saturdays to Wednesdays 8 AM-12.30 PM
Fridays: 9.00 AM -12.30 PM.

Tel: +98 713 7269040
Address: Modaress Boulevard, Shiraz

You can also visit other museums of Iranian Culture in spectacular places of Shiraz such as Eram Garden, Karim Khani Arg, Shahcheraq's tomb, Delgosha Garden and so on.

Afif Abad Military Museum
Narenjestan Qavam Museum
persepolis museum
Shiraz Museum of technology and natural history
Shiraz Pars Museum


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