List and working hours of famous museums in Tehran

Tehran The capital of Iran that is much like all the capitals of the world and is not a very old city in Iran but is full of museums to help you better understand the Iranian culture. National history is identity of each country.

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Tehran’s Top History Museums You Should Visit

Tehran Contemporary Arts Museum

There is a permanent collection of 3000 marvelous and valuable pieces of visual arts by today and past Iranian and western artists in Tehran museum of contemporary arts. Renowned artists like Margitte, Picasso, Van Gough, Renoir, and Max Ernst.

Opening days:
Every day except religious holidays

Opening hours:
9:00-17:45, Fridays: 14:00-17:45

Tel: +98 21 89519658
Address: Laleh Park, North Kargar St.

Golestan Palace Museum

Golestan Palace complex is the heritage of Tehran‘s Historic Arg (citadel) where Qajar royal families used to reside. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments in this 200-year-old capital city. Once this building shined brilliantly among other buildings in the complex.

The opening hours of Golestan museum complex are 9:00—17:30 in the first half of the year and 9:00-16:30 in the second half of the year.

Tel.: +98 21 33113335
Address: 15 Khordad (Arg) Square,Tehran

Niavaran Palace Museum

Niavaran Palace Museum This palace consists of 8 separated museums and palaces:
Saheb-qaranieh Museum:
With tickets in hand we recommend going first to Sahebqaranieh, which was built during the Qajar period and used as Nasser-al Din Shah’s harem before later being transformed into Mohammad Reza Shah’s office. It contains a fine collection of paintings and other furnishings.
Hoz-khaneh Palace Museum:
The basement of Saheb-qaranie palace is called Hoz-khaneh. Various pieces of textures belonging to Qajar era, lac-coloured boxes, cases, and pen-cases, calligraphy, and painting made by famous Iranian artists are shown in the rooms of Hoz-khaneh palace.
Niavaran Private Palace:
This two-and-a-half-storey building is located in the northeast of Niavaran garden in a 9000 square meter area.
Kooshk Ahmad Shahi (Ahmad Shahi Pavilion)
At the end of Qajar period this gable roof pavilion in two floors and an 800 meter square area was built for Ahmad Shah to stay during summer.
Jahan Nama Museum:
Aydin Aghdashloo painting in Jahan Nama Museum,Memories of destruction, Lady in Red , 1977 Pieces of art dedicated to Pahlavi dynasty or being purchased by them were considered to be kept in the western part of Saheb-qaranieh palace. This part is now called Jahan Nama museum which exhibits works by Picasso, Dali, Renoir, Gauguin, and Braque along with Iranian stylists like Parviz Tanavoli, Hossein Zenderudi, Sohrab Sepehri, and Bahman Mohases.
Niavaran Private Library:
This library is made up an exquisite collection of hand-written books in addition to about 23000 published books written by the best Iranian and international authors in the fields of literature and history.
Private Automobiles Museum of Niavaran Palace:
This museum is a collection of Niavaran and Pahlavi royal family’s automobiles.
Royal Textile and Clothes Museum:
This museum shows royal family’s clothes and textiles of Iran industry.
Inscription Museum Garden:
There are Iranian inscriptions from Median government to Qajar dynasty in this museum.

Opening hours:
Opening Days:
Everyday except public holidays.

Tel.: +98 21 22282012-15
Public Affairs: +98 21 22282020, +98 21 22282050
Address: Niavaran historical and cultural complex, Shahid Bahonar (Niavaran) Square, Tehran

Abgineh Museum

Abgineh is a museum specialized in glass and pottery. From the oldest glassware found in Choghazanbil Temple dating back to 2000 B.C. to an extraordinary collection of historical pieces of art made by Iranian artists are kept in this museum.

Opening Days:
Everyday except Mondays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:

Tel.: +98 21 66708153-4
Address: No.55, 30 Tir St., Jomhouri Ave.

Sadabad Museum

Sadabad with an area of about 1160000 square meters consists of 18 small and large palaces from Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasties. Some of the museums of this palace are: Human Studies Museum, National Museum Palace, Museum of Historical Plates, Museum of Behzad, Museum of Dafineh, Museum of Calligraphy and Book of Mir Emad, and Museum of Abkar.

Opening Days:
Everyday except Mondays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:

Tel.: +98 21 22285017 - +98 21 22282031-9
Fax: 22282079
Address: At the end of Shahid Kamal Taheri St., Shahid Fallahi (Zafaranieh) St., Valiasr St.

Natural Monuments and Wildlife Museum

Natural Monuments and Wildlife Museum This museum has a unique collection of mammals, birds, insects and also geologic periods. Besides, there is a taxidermy workshop that displays techniques for preservation of natural non-living animal bodies.

Opening Hours:
8:30-12:30, 13:30-20:30
Opening Days:
Every day except Saturdays

Tel.: +98 21 2290002
Address: Dar abad, Niavaran St.

National Jewelry Museum

A set of unique and famous collections of the world's treasures belongs to Iran's National Jewelry Museum. The museum's most important piece is a 182 carat pink diamond called Daria-i-Noor (Ocean of Light).

<Children under 12 are not allowed.>
Opening Days:Saturday to Tuesday
Opening Hours:14:00 - 16:30

Tel.: +98 21 64463785, +98 21 64463785
Address:No. 213, Ferdowsi St., Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran (CBI), Tehran

Carpet Museum of Iran

Carpet Museum of Iran includes Iran's most valuable carpets from the 15th century to the contemporary era which is a rich source of research for art lovers and researchers. Usually about 135 masterpieces sheets of Persian carpet which are weaved in important weaving centers such as Kashan, Kerman, Isfahan, Tabriz, Khorasan, and Kurdistan are on display in the ground floor hall. Also videos and slides on carpet weaving, rugs, and Iranian handicrafts will be on display in the museum theater for visitors.

Opening Days:Everyday except Mondays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:09:00 - 18:00

Tel.: +98 21 88962703, +98 21 88962703
Address:North-West Corner of Laleh Park, Fatemi and Karegar Junction, Tehran

Reza Abbasi Museum

This museum was named after a painter in Safavid period and includes pieces from pre-historic times to the 20th century which are shown in 3 different halls:

-Pre-Islam hall
-Islamic arts hall
-Painting and Calligraphy hall

Opening Days:Everyday except Mondays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:9:00-18:00

Tel.: +98 21 88463001-3
Address: No. 972, Shariati St. before Seyed Khandan Bridge

National Museum of Iran

National museum of Iran not only is the largest archeology museum in Iran but also one of the most credible one in the world. This museum covers the prehistoric era, as well as the historic and the Islamic era of Persia. It also has a seperate division fro coins.If you want to learn about the Ancient Persia in one hour, this is a place for you to go.

Opening Days:Everyday except Mondays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:9:00-17

Tell :021 6670 2061
Address: Baharestan,30 Tir St, Tehran, Iran‎

Museum of the Sacred Defense

If you want to learn about the Iran - Iraq war, this is the recommended place. This is one of the largest war museums built in the world. The whole history and the aftermaths of the war is deonstrated in this museum. It will take around 10 hours to visit all of the halls of the museums.

Opening Days:Everyday except Thursdays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:9:00-16:30

Address: Davoodiyeh, Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Tel: 021 8865 7026

Cinema Museum

Iran Cinema is a very successful cinema in the world, an dthis museum shows the history and progress of the art till now.
The museum is located in a pictoresque old building in north of the city with two popular cafes and two movie screening halls.

Opening Days:Everyday except Mondays and public holidays.
Opening Hours:9:00-17

Tel: 021 2270 5005
Address: Bagh-e-Ferdows, Tajrish,Valiasr street, Tehran, Iran

the 182-carat Daria-i-Noor (Ocean of Light) diamond of  National Jewelry Museum,Tehran
Natural Monuments and Wildlife Museum
Sacred Defense Museum
Abgineh Museum
Cinema Museum
Sadabad Palace
Golestan Palace
Reza Abbasi Museum
Niavaran Palace
Carpet Museum

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