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If you are looking for a holiday destination in Iran ,Giv Travel offers the best price for hotels in Iran.

GivTravel gets 5% discount for booking hotels. Please be careful in choosing hotels. When picking a hotel in Tehran, first check the location on the map to avoid the heavy traffic as much as possible. Our operators try their best to book your chosen hotel at the best time with the lowest prices. However, for ease of work in high-seasons, please let us know about your desired hotel in advance. List of hotels in Iran is as follows:

Tehran Hotels, Online booking

Many of the hotels in Tehran are located in the downtown near the museums, palaces, art galleries, and also bazaars. Because of the heavy traffic and Tehran's immensity, make sure the hotel you have booked is near the places you wish to visit.

Shiraz Hotels, Online booking

The list of hotels in Shiraz is comprised of 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star hotels. Most of the hotels are luxurious, however, there are also some older hotels with the advantage of outdoor spaces like yards.

Isfahan Hotels, Online booking

Hotels in Isfahan are of a higher price range compared to other cities in Iran. However, it is always possible for us to book hotels with great amenities near famous attractions with unbeatable low prices.

Yazd Hotels, Online booking

The majority of hotels in Yazd are traditional ones and are established in old houses. These hotels are often 3 starred but staying in these houses with Persian architecture is highly recommended. Furthermore, in high seasons you have to inform our team in advance to make a reservation since it gets really hard to book such hotels at that time.

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