Piroozi Hotel | Isfahan

Piroozi (victory) four -star hotel in Isfahan (former Darius) is located in the heart of the city. This hotel contains 96 rooms and several restaurants and coffee shops and also parking lot. It is located near Isfahan tourist attractions of chehel-Sotun, Hasht-Behesht Mansion and Chahar-Bagh School. It is about 30 kilometers away from the airport.


Facilities Hotel:

Coffee Shop / Restaurant / Shopping center / Laundry / Taxi Services / Wireless Internet / Private Parking / Library / Satellite TV / Prayer Room

Local attractions:

Naghshe Jahan Square / Traditional Bazaars / Khaju bridge / Chehel sotun Palace / Sio-Se-Pol Bridge

Check Time:

Check-in time: 14:00

Check-out time: 12:00

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