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The list of hotels in Shiraz is comprised of 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star hotels. Most of the hotels are luxurious, however, there are also some older hotels with the advantage of outdoor spaces like yards.

Chamran Grand Hotel | Shiraz

The tallest building and one of the best hotels in Shiraz is Chamran Hotel or Grand Chamran Hotel. A five-star luxurious hotel which is located in Ghasr-o-Dasht district with a beautiful scenery of Shiraz and its surrounding heavenly gardens.
This 30 floor hotel includes 250 luxurious rooms provides you with complete facilities...

Chamran Grand Hotel Booking

Pars Hotel | Shiraz

Shiraz Pars Hotel is a five star hotel located in the central district of of the luxurious hotels in the south of Iran, just 20 minutes to the airport, 45 minutes to Persepolis, 10 minutes to saadi and karimkhan-e-zand complex and 5 minutes to hafez.
Pars international hotel is consisted of two buildings and 13 floors that two floors of restaurant and lobby are connected to each other...

Pars Hotel Booking

Homa Hotel | Shiraz

Homa Hotel consists of 10 floors, which includes 200 rooms of Double Bed, Suite and Royal Suite.
Shiraz Homa Hotel is a five star hotel located in the central district of of the Garden hotels in the south of Iran, It's just 20 minutes walk from Arg-e-Krimkhani and....

Shiraz Homa Hotel Booking

Persepolis Hotel | Shiraz

Persepolis international hotel consists of seven floors, which includes 104 rooms of Double Bed, Suite, Royal Suite, Connect and Apartment.
It’s location is near Hafez tomb and close to Airport and Terminal.
On the ground floor the Apadana Restaurant is located that has a casual and nice atmosphere...

Persepolis Hotel Booking

Park Hotel | Shiraz

Park hotel is one of the oldest and largest hotels in Shiraz. This four-star hotel has a traditional and old construction which has been rebuilt recently. All of its services are clean and tidy. It has an area about 8000 square meters. It owns a large green space with a lot of old tall trees....

Shiraz Park Hotel Booking

Saadi Park Hotel | Shiraz

This is one of the oldest hotels in Shiraz which has plenty of green space. This hotel is rebuilt in 2007 and now it contains 53 rooms. It is located near some of Shiraz man-made and natural attractions such as Jahannama Garden, Hafez Tomb, Khajo-Kermani Tomb, Historical Stone Museum and Qur'an Gate.  It is 60 kilometers away from the famous Persepolis and ...

Saadi Park Hotel Booking

Zandiyeh Hotel | Shiraz

5 Star hotel, so clean and spotless.If you're ever staying in Shiraz, this is one of the best you could find....

Zandiyeh Hotel Booking

Grand hotel | Shiraz

The ship-like shape of Shiraz grand hotel attracts people’s attention from all around the world and due to its location in the entrance gate of Shiraz (Darvaze Ghor’an) and also the designing it would be eye-catching. This luxurious hotel is prepared for guests accommodation with its extremely suitable facilities.
Extremely luxurious rooms and standard beds of Shiraz Hotel, beautiful passageway with unique harmony ....

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