Chamran Grand Hotel | Shiraz

The tallest building and one of the best hotels in Shiraz is Chamran Hotel or Grand Chamran Hotel. A five-star luxurious hotel which is located in Ghasr-o-Dasht district with a beautiful scenery of Shiraz and its surrounding heavenly gardens. 
This 30 floor hotel includes 250 luxurious rooms provides you with complete facilities. Different types of Iranian, traditional and Italian restaurants located on the 24th and 25th floors, coffee shop with live music on the 23th floor. You will take comfort from facilities which provide u a pleasant accommodation.Health Stations consists of Aromatherapy, Dr. Fish Massage, Moroccan Bath, Gymnasium and…

Drink Corners consist of Davinci Restaurant, Italian Coffee Shop, Traditional Café-Restaurant, Panorama Restaurant, Cheshmandaz Coffee Shop, Gilaak Restaurant, Hotel Fast Food and …


Facilities Hotel:

Swimming pool / Sauna / Jacuzzi / Gym / Massage parlor / Coffee Shop / Net Cafe / Auditorium / Restaurant / Outdoor restaurant / Traditional Restaurant / Shopping center / Green Space / Laundry / Taxi Services / Wireless Internet / Private Parking / Library / Barber / Medical Services / Outdoor Pool / Fast food restaurant / Satellite TV / ATM Bank / Prayer Room

Local attractions:

Nasir ol Molk Mosque / Vakil Mosque / Arg of Karim Khan / Tomb of Saadi / Tomb of Hafez / Jahan Nama Garden / Vakil Bazaar / Qavam House / Naqsh e Rostam / Persepolis / Pasargadae

Check Time:

Check-in time: 14:00

Check-out time: 12:00

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