Best Iran Eco tour in 17 day

The 17 days tour to Iran is a classic tour to the heart of this country. This tour provides you with the opportunity to visit 16 ancient and touristic cities in Iran. In such a tour you will have a chance of experiencing many places while you are traveling from north to south of Iran. The beauty of northern forests, visiting the ancient villages like Abyaneh, visiting deserts that are in the center of this country, seeing Zagros Mountains and Lands, settlement in traditional inns, visiting Hormuz island and ancient Iranian constructions like Persepolis and Ardeshir Castle, they are all devised plans in this specific tour. You can also take films and photos from natural and ancient attractions while making relationships with Iranian people. The four season nature of Iran is waiting for you!

Tour Highlights


Tabriz-Kandovan-Sarein-Masuleh-Ramsar-Tehran-Qom- Kashan-Abyaneh-Isfahan-Mesr Desert-Yazd-Kerman-Bandar abbas-Hormoz Island-Shiraz



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Some of the places you can visit:

Blue Mosque / Amir Nezam House / Bazaar of Tabriz / Kandovan village / Sarein / Anzali Lagoon / Masuleh / Caspian Sea / Sadabad Palace / Tabiat Bridge / shrine of Fatemeh Masoumeh / Tepe Sialk / Fin Garden / Abyaneh village / Chehel Sotun Palace / Khaju bridge / Naghshe Jahan Square / Isfahan traditional bazaar / Mesr Desert / Chak Chak / Zarach Qanat / Amir Chakhmaq complex / Tower of Silence / Dowlat Abad Garden / Zein-o-din caravanserai / Ganjali Khan Complex / Shazdeh Garden / bazaar of Bandar Abbas / Hormoz Island / Palace of Ardeshir / Vakil Complex / Hafez and Saadi tombs / Naqsh-e-Rostam / Persepolis

Itinerary in detail:


A mountain around mesr desert

Day 1: Welcome to Tabriz!

The discovery of Iran begins with a city tour of enchanting Tabriz, the 5th largest city of Iran. Our tour includes visiting El Goli (royal summer palace during Qajar dynasty), Blue Mosque, and Amir Nezam House. Later in the afternoon we’ll be introduced to Bazaar of Tabriz, one of the oldest ones in Middle East, the longest covered bazaar in the world and once one of the most important commercial centers on the Silk Road. The rest of the day is yours to browse through the city and indulge in some Persian cuisine.

Day 2: Kandovan-Sarein

In the morning we head to troglodyte Kandovan village (1 hour from Tabriz). This manmade village which is still inhabited has great panoramic vistas. In the afternoon we drive to noted Sarein hot springs, 250 km west of Kandovan. We stay in Sarein overnight to relax at spas and enjoy the tranquility and magnificent weather of Sarein.

Day 3: Masuleh

We continue to spectacular Masuleh village, 300 km southeast of Sarein. On our way we pass lush mountainous Heyran road where you will be astonished by the natural beauties. Then we have a scenic drive along the Caspian Sea. Next stop is Anzali Lagoon to admire Caspian Lotus. Anzali is also known as the world capital of caviar so be sure to try some in Bandar-e-Anzali. Around evening we arrive in Masuleh to stay overnight.

Day 4: Masuleh-Ramsar

We spend the morning uncovering the stunning architecture of this village where the yard of the building above is the roof of the building below. We take a pleasant stroll through this pristine village. You can browse through the tangled maze of alleys and shops and buy delicate handicrafts of Masuleh. In the afternoon we head to Ramsar which is 200 km east of Masuleh. In addition to being on the coast of the Caspian Sea, we can enjoy green forests of the Alborz Mountains. Stay overnight in Ramsar.

Day 5: Tehran

We depart for Tehran, the capital of Iran, in the morning. Tehran is about 250 km South of Ramsar. This megacity is crammed with worthy Museums. Our pick is Sadabad Palace with 18 palaces belonging to Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties. We stay overnight in Tehran.

Day 6: Qom- Kashan

Departing Tehran early in the morning, we make our way to the holy city of Qom. We have a city tour to see the attractions of the largest education and research center for Shi’a in the world. We also visit the shrine of Fatemeh Masoumeh, sister of Imam Reza, where you will be overwhelmed by the intricate mirror-work. Next stop is Kashan which is about 115 km southeast of Qom. Early in the evening, after a short rest at the hotel we explore Tepe Sialk (a significant archeological site) and fabulous Fin Garden.

Day 7: Abyaneh-Isfahan

We have a spectacular tour of Abyaneh, 80 km from Kashan, in the morning. This village, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, is also called the Red village because of its red soil and houses. After a traditional lunch in Abyaneh, we drive for about 2 hours to arrive in Isfahan. Evening is the time to visit Chehel Sotun Palace which is a pavilion in the center of a garden built by Shah Abbas II. Later there is the opportunity to take a pleasant walk along the Zayanderud and see fascinating Siosepol and Khaju bridges at night.

Day 8: Isfahan

See the exquisite architecture of Safavid dynasty in Naghshe Jahan Square one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Admire Ali Qapu Palace, Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, and the traditional bazaar. In the evening we finish our Isfahan tour by visiting Hasht Behesht Garden meaning eight paradises. Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 9: Mesr Desert

Next stop is Mesr Desert, a small off-the-beaten-path village in the heart of Markazi Desert. We head to Mesr desert in the morning. We have a full day excursion to desert. Why not go trekking on sand dunes under blue spotless sky! We stay overnight in Mesr to discover the hidden wonders of desert.

Day 10: Yazd

Our tour starts early in the morning by travelling to Yazd. On the way we learn about Zarach Qanat .This 3000-year-old qanat is the longest in the world. Then we explore Chak Chak, a village where Zoroastrians from all over the world gather and celebrate their ceremonies. We arrive in Yazd for lunch. Amir Chakhmaq complex is stunning at night. So to make the most of our day, we head to Amir Chakhmaq complex. Also be sure to try traditional sweets of Yazd and have dinner in a traditional restaurant.

Day 11: Yazd

Our tour starts in the morning by visiting Tower of Silence (Dakhma) where Zoroastrians used to keep dead bodies. You can’t help being swept away by the ambiance of Tower of Silence. Fire Temple is the next place to see. The fire in this temple has been burning for years. Then we head to Dowlat Abad Garden to discover the highest wind catcher (Badgir) in Iran. After lunch you can enjoy a walk through the old part of the city to admire well-preserved adobe houses. In the evening we drive to Zein-o-din caravanserai, 60 km from Yazd. We stay overnight at this 400-year-old caravanserai to float through the stars brightening up the sky of desert.

Day 12: Kerman

In the morning we travel to Kerman, 360 km from Yazd. This evening we devote our time to attractions of Kerman which include Shazdeh Garden, Jabalieh Dome, Ganjali Khan Square.

Day 13: Bandar abbas

Bandar Abbas is on the coast of Persian Gulf. We drive 500 km to arrive in this port city. We visit the lively bazaar and fish market. While browsing through the city you can spot native women wearing colorful traditional clothes and burqas. Spend a calm evening at the seaside. Stay overnight in Bandar Abbas.

Day 14: Hormoz Island

Hormoz is an island 40 km from Bandar Abbas. We take a boat to Hormoz in the morning. View the admirable fort built by the Portuguese, Hara forests, and be amazed by the Rainbow valley with various colors of volcanic stones. Stay overnight in Hormoz Island.

Day 15: Bandar Abbas-Shiraz

In order to travel to Shiraz, we take a boat back to Bandar Abbas and then drive to Shiraz, the 3rd largest city of Iran. En route to Shiraz we stop at historical city of Firuz Abad to explore Sassanian fire temple (palace of Ardeshir) with its unique design and the picturesque pond next to it. As the evening fades we arrive in Shiraz. Stay Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 16: Shiraz

We have a tour of this floral city which includes Karim Khan Citadel, Pars Museum, Vakil Mosque, Vakil public bath, and Vakil bazaar. You can find elegant handicrafts and seek out a bargain in Vakil bazaar. In the evening we visit Hafez and Saadi tombs. It is here that you can experience spiritual tranquility in Persian gardens.

Day 17: Shiraz

No trip to Iran is complete without seeing Persepolis and Naqshe Rostam. In the morning we head to the treasure of Iran Ancient History. Persepolis, once the Capital of Persian Empire, is 80 km North of Shiraz. After having lunch in a restaurant nearby, we drive for another 80 km to Pasargad to admire Cyrus tomb and palace.

Mesr Desert
Hormuz Island
Fin Garden
Vakil Bath
Hormoz Island
Mesr Desert
Bazaar Tabriz
Sadabad Palace
Dowlat Abad Garden


Tour Route:


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Some of the Attractions on this trip:

Shiraz _ Tehran _ Kashan _ Isfahan _ Yazd

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