9 Days tour in central deserts of Iran

Sometimes we need to get far away from modern life and go to the calm tranquility of nature to find ourselves again. The silence of the desert and its warm color gives us energy.
A clear starry night of the desert, it’s like the welcome party of nature for Us. The earliest civilizations have occurred in near of waters, But you can find the first signs of Life and beautiful architecture in the heart of Iran desert. During this trip, you can also experience different and memorable stay in traditional hotels with modern facility, see unique nature, monuments and try local foods which belong to this area. So don’t waste time and come to the party that your host is a masterpiece of nature.

Facilities Tour:

Tour Highlights


Tehran-Kashan-Matinabad camp-Isfahan-Naien-Mesr desert-Bafgh-Shiraz



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Some of the places you can visit:

Carpet museum / Garden / Borojedri House / Tabatabai House / Tappeh Sialk / Iran Central Deserts / Matin abad camp / Naghsh-e jahan complex / Zayandeh rooud / Khaju bridge / Naien / Mesr desert / Bafgh / Persepolis / Naqsh-e-Rostam / Pasargadae / Saadi and Hafez tombs / Vakil complex

Itinerary in detail:

Mesr Desert Tour

Mesr Desert

Day 1: Welcome to Tehran!

arrival to Tehran, transfer to hotel, Have city tour to visit Archaeological, Glass and Carpet museums. Overnight Tehran

Day2: Kashan

Drive to Kashan to visit Fin Garden, Borojedri House,Tabatabai House, and Tappeh Sialk then drive to Matin Abad camp that is unique desert camp with good facility to experience memorable and different time in Iran especially in desert part of it ,observing stars and you have the option to choose accommodation in Tent or suites part. Overnight Matinabad camp

Day3: Matinabad camp

Have a breakfast with a local food menu and start city tour around this place as Safari or visit the Organic farm.Overnight in Matinabad camp

Day4: Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan, have a city tour to visit Naghsh-e Jahan complex(A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfollah, Imam Mosques and Bazaar), walking in the streets and bank of Zayandeh rooud (river).Overnight Isfahan.

Nasirolmolk Mosque
Matinabad Cap
Tabatabaian House


Day5: Naien - Mesr desert

Drive to Naien have shortstop then drive to Bali hotel that is one of the beautiful traditional hotels with modern facility. Overnight Mesr desert.

Day6: Mesr desert

Have city tour around Mesr desert to visit Salt Lake, experience safari with enjoying the unique and calm atmosphere of this place beside from noisy and routine modern life.

Day7: Bafgh-Shiraz

Drive to Bafgh, have a shortstop to visit desert nature of this place, then drive to Shiraz on the way have a shortstop to visit two of the masterpiece attraction of the world "Persepolis and Pasargadae" that recorded by UNESCO.Overnight Shiraz.

Day8: Shiraz

city tour of Shiraz to visit Zand complex, Tombs of Hafez and Saadi and drive to Ghalat for lunch that is the beautiful village with unique nature and local food menu.back to Shiraz and in the evening to visit Eram garden.in the night transfer to Shiraz airport for departure time.


Have free time in the morning. In the noon transfer to airport for departure time.

Mesr Desert Road
Matinabad Cap
Mesr Desert
Mesr Desert
Mesr Desert
Mesr Desert

Tour Route:

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Some of the Attractions on this trip:

Shiraz _ Tehran _ Kashan _ Isfahan

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