Tehran Art Galleries & Museums Tour

Tehran has the biggest and the best Iranian art galleries. There are 160 art galleries in this city. In this tour, we invite you to visit some of the most prestigious art galleries in Tehran whose works are based on the world standards. Some of these galleries work professionally on just one field of art by experts' focusing on artists of that field. This tour gives the lovers of Middle East art a unique opportunity to see more realistic images of Iranian Contemporary Art. It also helps you get familiar with Iranian artists, their ideas, and their working environment. You can also buy some of their works if you want to. In this 7 day tour you can also visit the biggest Iranian museums in which you can find unique works of the artists from all over the world. We recommend Iranian contemporary art tour to those who are interested in the Middle East art or those whose work is related to art.

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Some of the places you can visit:

Tehran’s Grand Bazaar / Golestan Palace / Tehran Contemporary Art Museum / National Jewelry Museum / Tehran Art Galleries / Reza Abbasi Museum / Carpet Museum / Ancient Iran Museum / Sacred Defense Museum / Niavaran Palace / Taatr e Shahr / Sad Abad Palace

Itinerary in detail:

Tehran museums Tour in 7 Day

 Reza Abbasi Museum

Day 1: Welcome to Tehran

Welcome to Tehran. Upon your arrival, you will stay in a nice hotel. Depending on the time you arrive, you can go for a walk in Tehran to get familiar with the city and people. We recommend you to visit Tehran’s Grand Bazaar where you can see Iranian culture.

Day 2: Tehran

In the morning we will visit the historical Golestan Palace and its museums. In the evening we will visit two or three prestigious art galleries in Tehran.

Day 3: Tehran

In the morning we will visit the Museum of Contemporary Art which is a unique collection of the world’s famous art works in Asia. Then we will visit Money and National Jewelry Museum where you can see the world’s largest pink diamond called Daria-i-Noor (Ocean of Light), along with a collection of historical Iranian gems and jewels belonging to the past. We invite you to visit some art galleries in the evening.

Day 4 : Tehran

In the morning of the fourth day we will visit Reza Abbasi and also Carpet Museums. There is a unique collection of Islamic art such as calligraphy, painting, illumination, ancient manuscripts, etc in Reza Abbasi Museum. In the evening we will visit two or three prestigious art galleries in Tehran, and we will also meet Iranian contemporary artists to talk and exchange ideas with.

Day 5: Tehran

In the morning we will visit Ancient Iran Museum and also Sacred Defense Museum. This museum is professionally designed to make you familiar with the History and some of the memories of Iran-Iraq war. In the evening we will visit two or three art galleries in Tehran.

Day 6: Tehran

We devote our time to visit beautiful Niavaran Palace and its wonderful museums in the morning. Later this day, you can have some free time to explore Tehran . You can see Tehran’s gallery guides in the website or spend the night in warm cafes of Tehran. You can buy some books in Book City stores or Iranian music in Beethoven’s music center. Why not provide yourself an opportunity to see a play in Iran’s largest theater room called ‘Taatr e Shahr’?!

Day 7: Tehran

On the last day of our trip to Iran we will visit Sad Abad Palace Museum along with its unique museums and big beautiful gardens. At the end, we will visit an art gallery and we will have the last meeting with Iranian artists and their works in the evening. Here is the end of Middle East Art tour and it is time to get ready to leave Iran with lots of good memories.

Tehran’s Top History Museums You Should Visit

Note that with regard to working hours and programs of galleries and museums in Iran and also the date you arrive, tour schedule may have some changes in time and location. Giv Travel also suggests you booking this tour in fall, winter, and spring which are the busiest seasons for Iranian art works.

Tehran Exhibition
Tehran Exhibition
Marc Chagall_Niavaran palace
Reza Abbasi Museum
Golestan Palace


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