Iranian Nowruz Tour in 7 Day

7-day tour of Nowruz or New Year is held with ceremonies by the start of spring throughout Iran. In Nowruz tour you can get familiar with the new year traditions of Iranian new year besides visiting the tourist attractions of sites of Iran. Moreover, during Nowruz due to the start-of-the- new-year-of-Iran-trips, you are given the opportunity to visit the massive crowds of Iranian travelers and people. In addition to these, you will get acquainted with the traditions of Nowruz, such as Haft Seen Table, beside which every Iranian starts the new year, along with the pleasant vernal weather of Iran in the cities of Shiraz, Isfahan, Abyaneh and Tehran. Nowruz Tour is a complete package made of colors of Iran, Iranian music and culture.

Tour Highlights





Trip Type:

Cultural- Nowruz Event

Some of the places you can visit:

Persepolis / Naqsh-e-Rostam / Pasargadae / Hafez tomb / Vakil complex / Qavam House / Eram Garden / Isfahan Traditional Bazaars / Naghshe Jahan / Jameh Mosque of Isfahan / Khaju bridge / Chehel sotun Palace / Abyaneh Village / Golestan palace / Tehran national museum / Tehran contemporary art museum

Itinerary in detail:


 Haft Sin

Day 1: Welcome to Shiraz!

Arrival to Shiraz,transfer to hotel and after rest have half city day tour to visit some attractions like Eram garden and tomb of Hafez.Overnight Shiraz.

Day 2: Shiraz

Have city day tour to visit Zandiyeh complex that includes Vakil bath, Vakil mosque,Arg and traditional bazaar.In bazaar ,you will have good time to experience Nowruz custom. Like Christmas time, people are happy and buy gift and traditional items of Nowruz. you will see the different things in Bazaars and all street  which are Nowruz souvenirs ; like Samano, Sabzeh, Gold fish and I suggest don't miss visiting confectioneries ,too, and taste Iranian home - cooked sweets.  Then to visit pink mosque and Qavam house. In Nowruz time , music play in most place and people say "happy Nowruz" to each others.In the night have a dinner in one of the traditional restaurant of Shiraz,my suggestion is to taste on of the local food of Shiraz like Kalampolo.Overnight Shiraz.

Day 3: Shiraz-Isfahan

Drive to Isfahan but on the way have a stop to visit Persepolis and Pasargade. Nowruz is Zoroastrians' custom that has been celebrated for over 3,000 years and you can see the glory of this civilization in Persepolis. then move toward Isfahan. Overnight Isfahan.

Day 4: Isfahan

have a city day tour to visit  Naghsh-ejahan complex(A’li Qapu palaces, Sheikh Lotfolah ,Imam Mosques and bazaar), Vank cathedral ,walking in the streets and bank of Zayandeh rooud (river).  visiting some confectioneries with special sweet of Nowruz .Overnight Isfahan.

Day 5: Abyaneh

Drive to Abyaneh village that is beautiful village and people live like 2000 years ago.they  wear traditional dress and you can experience local life style of people, taste local food and enjoy your time.For sure try traditional dress and take photo. Overnight Abyaneh.

Day 6: Abyaneh-Tehran

Drive to Tehran that is capital city of Iran with many museum .In the evening we visit the Tabiat bridge in Tehran. Overnight Tehran.

Day 7: Tehran

Have half city day tour to visit some attractions like Golestan palace,national museum and Tehran contemporary art museum.In the night have a dinner as good_bye party and Transfer to Tehran airport for departure flight.

Tomb of Hafez
Hasht Behesht Palace
Reza Abbasi Museum
Aliqapu Palace


Tour Route:

Countdown to Nowruz 2018 _ Iran Timezone

Nowruz tour is special tour of Iran that based on all highlights .Time of this tour is in end of March and evening of April that is new year of Iranian and you can see some of traditional ceremonies also.Due to time of Nowruz tour is in high season of Iran is better to book this tour about two months before of holding.

Nowruz Travel Guide

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Some of the Attractions on this trip:

Shiraz _ Tehran _ Isfahan 


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