9 day tour to Iran

Persian vision is a nine days tour to Iran. If you have planned to travel to Iran and visit ancient historical constructions besides Iranian gardens and houses, we recommend you the Persian vision tour. We have assembled several Iranian touristic attractions in our Persian visions tour. This tour have a general overview on Iranian nature, history, and culture. By the help of this tour, you will travel to Persepolis, Hafez tomb, Saadi Tomb, Naghsh e Jahan Square, traditional Bazaars in Isfahan, Old well made houses in Kashan, Tower of silence, Amir Chakhmagh Mosque, and famous Museums in Tehran. Iranian history and culture is just in front of you!

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Some of the places you can visit:

Persepolis / Naqsh-e-Rostam / Pasargadae / Saadi and Hafez tombs / Vakil complex / Qavam House / Eram Garden / Tower of Silence / Amir Chakhmaq complex / Dowlat Abad Garden / Water Museum / Isfahan Traditional Bazaars / Naghshe Jahan / Jameh Mosque of Isfahan / Khaju bridge / Chehel sotun Palace / Tepe Sialk / Fin Garden / Borujerdiha house / Saadabad Palace / National jewelry Museum

Itinerary in detail:

Persian Vision Tour

 Reza Abbasi Museum

Day 1: Welcome to Shiraz!

Morning sightseeing of this floral city includes Karim Khan Citadel, Pars Museum, Vakil Mosque, Vakil public bath, and Vakil bazaar. There are unique handicrafts of Shiraz in Vakil bazaar where you can get some of your must-have souvenirs from Iran. Spend the rest of the day as you please. Why not take a leisurely stroll to Jahan Nama garden and get a feel for this vibrant fascinating city!

Day 2: Shiraz

Today we enjoy a full day sightseeing tour of the city. Saadi Tomb, Narenjestan Qavam, and Zinatolmoluk House are the places awaiting us. After lunch and a short rest at the hotel, we enjoy our evening in Eram botanical garden among various species of plants, trees, and flowers. Next we visit Hafez Tomb where we can savor some poetry in a tranquil atmosphere.

Day 3: Shiraz-Yazd

No trip to Iran is complete without seeing Persepolis and Naghshe Rostam. In the morning we head to the treasure of Iran ancient history. Persepolis, once the Capital of Persian Empire, is 80 km North of Shiraz. After having lunch in a restaurant nearby, we drive for another 80 km to Pasargad to admire Cyrus tomb and palace. We continue our trip to Yazd which is about 300 km East of Pasargad.

Day 4: Yazd

Our tour starts in the morning by visiting Tower of Silence (Dakhma) where Zoroastrians used to keep dead bodies. You can’t help being swept away by the ambiance of Tower of Silence. Fire Temple is the next place to see. The fire in this temple has been burning for years. Then we head to Dowlat Abad Garden to discover the highest wind catcher (Badgir) in Iran. Amir Chakhmaq complex is stunning at night. So to make the most of our day, we head to Amir Chakhmaq complex. Also be sure to try traditional sweets of Yazd and have dinner at a traditional restaurant.

Day 5: Yazd-Isfahan

Morning sightseeing includes Water Museum, traditional houses, and a walk in the old part of the city to appreciate lovely adobe architecture. We depart Yazd for Isfahan (314 km) in the evening. Stay overnight in Isfahan.

Day 6: Isfahan

Isfahan Admire Naghshe Jahan Square, one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, with its unique architecture belonging to Safavid Dynasty. Explore Ali Qapu Palace, Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Mosque, and the Traditional Bazaar. If you haven’t bought your souvenirs yet, it’s the time to find the elegant handicrafts. Later we visit Vank Cathedral and Chehel sotun Palace.

Day 7: Isfahan

Today we have the chance to visit Jameh Mosque of Isfahan to discover the evolution of mosque architecture during 12 centuries. Later we visit Hasht Behesht garden. In the evening we go for a walk along the Zayandeh rud and visit Khaju and Siosepol which are stunning at night.

Day 8: Kashan-Tehran

Kashan Kashan is an ancient city with archeological wonders. In the morning we drive to Kashan (218 km from Isfahan) to see Tepe Sialk and Fin Garden. After lunch, we continue to North to Tehran (250 km). Stay Overnight in Tehran.

Day 9: Tehran

Tehran, the capital and the largest city of Iran, has a lot to see. But our pick is Saadabad Palace where you see a great collection of museums, palaces, and gardens. In the evening the tour will end at National jewelry Museum where you admire some of exquisite pieces of the world like a 182 carat pink diamond (if closed, Reza Abbasi museum).

Fin Garden
Reza Abbasi Museum
Khaju Bridge
Naqsh-e Jajan
Nasirolmolk Mosque
Vakil Mosque
Tomb of Hafez


Tour Route:


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Some of the Attractions on this trip:

Shiraz _ Tehran _ Kashan _ Isfahan _ Yazd

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