Qeshm Island is the largest island with an amazing nature in the Persian Gulf. Qeshm Free Zone has four beautiful and colorful islands: Qeshm Island, Hormuz Island, Hengam Island, and Lark Island.

  • Visiting these four islands requires more than two or three days’ time.
  • The hot weather in these islands makes them great destinations for autumn and winter trips.
  • However, good news for travelers to these Iranian islands is that you do not need a visa to travel to these places. British, American, and Canadian citizens can also travel to Iran. Visiting Qeshm's four islands is a good opportunity to experience the culture and people of Iran.
  • If you do not have Iran’s visa, you can always enter Qeshm Airport and Qeshm through Dubai and spend two weeks on these islands. During your stay in Qeshm, you can apply for a visa and plan your trip to Iran.

Qeshm Island Tour

Qeshm Island

The beautiful island of Qeshm can be a beautiful and exciting entrance to Iran. In this amazing GeoPark, you experience a kind of nature different from anywhere else in Iran and even the world. From Hara forests that have grown in the Persian Gulf to spectacular star valleys and watching Chahkuh aqueducts, you will experience a different world! It is interesting to know that when you enter this Island, you are in an island bigger than twenty-three countries in the world! There is no end to the beauties in Qeshm. Alongside the nature of the island, the colorful clothes of Qeshm's local people, as well as seafood and local food also promise an adventurous journey.


Sheebderaz beach in Qeshm and the Turtles
Chahkooh Neck
Khorbas Cave - Qeshm Island
Qeshm Island
Valley of stars- Qeshm

Hormuz Island

From Qeshm Island, you can see the mysterious Hormuz Island. This is not an exaggerated description. Hormoz Island is mysterious. You can go to Hormuz Island from Qeshm Island by sea in half an hour. Hormuz Island is a salt island in the Persian Gulf and perhaps the most colorful island in the world. The soil and strange mountains on this island have different colors in each region. The Salt Mountain, The Golden River, and the Hormuz Valley natural sculptures attract most visitors. Besides, we should mention the ancient castle of the Portuguese in Hormoz, which is necessary for every tourist to visit! The Hormuz Municipality used to hold Hormuz's colorful soil carpet festivals to introduce the island to tourists. Nowadays, soil carpets are not made any more to protect the colored soil of Hormuz. However, the untouched and breathtaking nature of Hormoz enchants every visitor.


Hengam Island

The nearest island to Qeshm Island is Hengam Island. You can allocate a few hours to explore the island. Facilities on this island are limited compared to Hormuz and Qeshm; therefore, the island is more untouched. You can see the dolphins swim on the coast of this island mostly in the morning. The beach on this island is a good place to swim and visit coral and sea creatures. You can also visit the silver Hengam beach that glitters under the sun. Hengam is a small, beautiful island with a nature more homogeneous than Hormoz and Qeshm.

Hengam island22

Lark Island

The last island of Qeshm is the Lark Island, which is the most pristine island of Qeshm and it takes 25 minutes to get there from Qeshm. This salt island has untouched coral shores. The island is made up of low volcanic mountains and no plant grows on this island because of its salty soil. There is also no public transportation on this island. There are just some motorcycles used by the local people. We recommend you visit the other three islands of Qeshm instead; unless you are a real adventurer and really intend to visit Lark Island.

 Larak Island

A suggestion!

In addition to visiting the coarse spectacular Qeshm Island, you can visit Kish Island with its indigo beach. You do not need a visa to visit Kish Island. To do this, you need an air ticket to fly from Qeshm Airport to Kish Island. Kish Island has more buildings, hotels, beaches and more modern facilities compared to Qeshm Island and is an amazing place for vacations. Visit the link below for more information on Kish Island.





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4 Days
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Experience an ECO tour to see the beautiful islands of Iran. You can visit dolphins in Hengam Island and have an excursion in Kish Coral Island, colorful Hormuz Island and Harra forests in Qeshm Island. You can also visit Shiraz in this tour.
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Have a four day visa-free travel to Iran. Swim and dive in Kish Coral Island.
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