iran visa FAQIf you intend to visit Iran, you need a tourist visa. If you intend to travel to Iran by air, sea or by trains, Iran's visa rules are observed. The first thing you need to know about any visa is that the host country is free to accept or reject you.  If you meet the requirements for entering Iran, you have most of what it needs.  But do not worry, the good news for you is that, compared to other countries, it is much easier to obtain a visa for Iran.

The first step to getting a visa for Iran:

The first step to obtain an Iranian visa is to have a valid passport that will not be expired at least for 6 months. If not, do not waste time; renew your passport.

Three ways of obtaining a visa for Iran:

One: The visa is handled by the relevant agency. Once we received the tracking code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will be given this code and you will receive your visa by visiting the Iranian Consulate in your country.

Two: In the second method, the agency will apply for your visa in the same way as the previous method. This code is given to the passenger after receiving the tracking code from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the passenger receives the visa stamp in some international airports.

Three: In a third way, before arriving in Iran, you do not need to undertake any action; when you arrive in Iran you will receive an airport visa.

Iran Visa On Arrival (VOA)

Airport visa(VOA) is issued for all countries except for nationals of 10 countries: Somalia, Colombia, United States, Britain, Canada, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

-We strongly recommend that you refrain from getting this type of visa.

-This visa is suitable for emergency cases and those who do not have enough time to get a visa before traveling to Iran.

-In some cases, getting this visa takes 24 hours and sometimes you will not be given a visa.

-Meanwhile, this visa is only available for tourist visas and can be valid for one to 30 days.

-You will also have to pay for the airport visa fees in cash.

Who can travel to Iran?

Iran welcomes everyone. Only Israeli citizens cannot travel to Iran.

And if a passenger has traveled to Israel from anywhere in the world, one year must have passed from the time that the passenger has left Israel.

Travel to Iran without a visa:

Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Malaysia, Armenia, and Egypt can travel to Iran without a visa. The validity period of these visas for each of these countries is as follows:

Syria: 90 days

Georgia: 45 days

Bolivia: 30 days

Egypt: 20 days

Lebanon: 15 days

Republic of Azerbaijan: 15 days

However, the nationals of 180 countries can travel to Iran's free zones without a visa. Kish and Qeshm Islands and Chabahar Port will welcome you without requiring a visa.

Canadian, American, and English citizens can enter these free zones even if they do not have a tour.

Required Documents for Iran Visa:

1. An image from the front page of the passport

2. Filling out the visa form

3. Presenting a 4*6 photo 

4. Postal address

5. Email Address

6. Telephone number

Certificates and Conditions for Citizens of Canada, England, and United States:

Visa for nationals of these 3 countries will be issued only if they have a full-time tour and guide. The visa issuance process for the nationals of Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States takes more time compared to other countries which usually takes up to 30 days.

After the arrival of President Trump, Iran's visa rules have become more difficult for these three countries.

Citizens of these three countries, in addition to providing the above documents for a visa to Iran, must provide a resume. Also, they have to send screenshots of their social networks.

Iran’s visa time validation:

If it is the first time that you apply for a tourist visa in Iran, you will be allowed to see Iran for up to 30 days. This visa can be extended up to 90 days.

You can also apply for a 6-month Iranian visa if you have received Iran's three-month visa application two times.



More information about Iran Visa:   Visa Guide for Iran



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