How to get an Iranian Visa

Iran Visa Fee is 40 $

which is apart from the visa fee you have to pay to the consulate for stamping your passport

We will assist you during the whole process of getting your Iran visa.
Iran visa is classified into two kinds of visa,touristy and airport visa:

Tourist visa:

If you are a non-Iranian citizen, you need to get a visa stamp in your passport. Because of this, you must obtain an authorization or reference number which is issued from behalf of ministry of foreign affairs.
A sponsor in Iran ( usually a tour operating agency) must send an invitation letter in order to get the mentioned reference number.
We would appreciate it if you take a look at the following details on visa procedure , needed documents and some other necessary information.

Iran Visa Guide
There are three steps in getting an Iranian visa:

A- First step:
After receiving your request, prepare the required documents which are:
1. An application form (online visa request form) that you must fill in and submit. You can simply find the application form on our website.
2. A full page copy of your passport with at least 6 months validity.
3. A short resume of yourself.
B- Second step:
After we have received your documents the process begins. We prepare some other documents as your sponsor and send all to Ministry of foreign affairs. Normal needed time for this process is between 2 to 4 weeks, except American nationalities that need a little more time, up to 30 days.
C- Third and final step:
We send you your authorization number right after we get it. Then you must refer to the specified Iran embassy, fill in some other paperwork like a visa collection form, deliver 2 pictures (1*1 inch) and your original passport and obtain your visa.

Visa service payment:

1. Paperwork fee:
The money that the travel agency charges you for getting your visa through MFA. We will have the pleasure to apply for your visa free if you give us the honor to provide your Tour in Iran.
2. Consular fee:
The money that tourists must pay to the Iran embassy to obtain their visas. It also includesembassy paperwork costs. This fee differs depending on your nationality.

Airport visa:

Airport visa is the other kind of visa that Iran travelers can get. Citizens of some countries that are listed by ministry of foreign affairs are allowed to obtain a two-week-tourist-visa upon their arrival to Iran , at one of the main airports of Tehran Imam or Mehrabad, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz and Isfahan airports. They can extend their visas to other 2 weeks depending on the decision of representative of ministry of foreign affairs.
You must prepare the following documents if you are applying for touristy visa :
_A valid passport with at least 6 months validity.
_2 pieces of 1*1 inch photos.
_A confirmed return ticket.
_A form that must be complete by the applicant at the airport.
_Visa fee about 50EURO for the passport holder and 10EURO for each one of the companions.

Following is the latest list of nationalities who are allowed to apply for airport visa:

Albania, Armenia, Australia,Austria,Azarbaijan,Bahrain, Belarus,Belgium,Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil ,Brunei ,Bulgaria ,China (People’s Republic),Colombia ,Croatia ,Cuba Cyprus ,Denmark, Finland, France ,Georgia, Germany ,Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia Ireland (Rep.), Italy ,Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait ,Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia ,Mexico, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand ,North Korea ,Norway, Oman Palestine, Peru ,Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia (KSA),Singapore, Slovak (Rep.),Slovenia, South Korea ,Spain ,Sweden, Switzerland Syria ,Tajikistan ,Thailand, Turkmenistan ,Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan ,Venezuela ,Vietnam, Yugoslavia Fed. Rep.


1:In spite of the fact that we try to keep the site up-to-date, please remember that the regulations changed very often. Therefore , don’t hesitate to contact us for checking them.

2:You can only get airport visa if you are travelling to Iran for tourist purposes.

3:Getting an airport visa is not possible for travelers whose applications have been rejected before.

4:Please be careful while selecting your preferred Iran embassy in the application form because the visa authorization number is valid. only in the consulate you have selected before and cannot be changed.

5:This issued number is not the visa itself. It is just an "authorization" meaning that your visa has been authorized and approved by the. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6:All nationalities, except citizens of Israel, are more than welcome to travel to Iran.

Visa for American nationals:

For American passport holders there are some special rules for visa issuance .
Presently, American nationals are accepted for visa application by Iran foreign ministry on condition that they travel on a guided tour, a private tour that would be planned based on their preference or as a part of a bigger group. The important point is that the itinerary must be exact and clear.

Iran Visa Application Form

Do you have any question about Iran Visa Requirements? We are here.

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